Tipster Academy Weekend Update 28/04/2014

25/04/2014 – 27/04/2014 203 tipsters across 8 sports. 1041 Proofed Tips from 1147 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  2. Allessio continues his recovery after his rapid drop in profits.  With a profiot of 550 units from 23 proofed tips he had a good weekend.  He’s got some way to go before he recovers the losses he made a while back but he’s on the right path.
  3. It’s still early days for manoloAEK as they have only provided 26 tips so far, a long way short of the 100 we need.  They’re doing pretty well though and the anlysis they have given reaches our minimum standards.
  4. I wish alwayswin would provide some proper analysis.  It’s hard to gauge someones understanding of the sport they follow from their results alone and we need to be confident a tipster is going to make it before we promote anyone.  With the 431.2 units they picked up this weekend they are now above the 12% limit and are going to be one of the tipsters we put up for review this week.
  5. ProfitMaker is another tipster who could help us (and any potential clients) out by giving real analysis and not relying on a set text.  They have also had a good weekend and it’s contributed to an ongoing period of successful betting. 424 units of profit out of the 20 bets placed is a good return.
  6. With just 27 tips so far it’s too early to tell whether or not Jules Barnier is going to make it.  Early signs are promising though and it’s good to see someone putting in the effort to write a full analysis for each selection. 379.9 units of profit from 18 selections (all proofed).
  7. With a screen name that sounds as though it belongs on a website you wouldn’t want your kids visiting, it may be time for AsianPro to look at choosing a new one.  Results for this tipster have been a little inconsistent and they’re going to need to improve on that if they want to make it to BetAdvisor.
  8. I’m very impressed by Alex Cahun so far, excellent analysis and consistent results show a lot of early promise for this tipster and we hope they can keep it up long term. With a 100% hit-rate this weekend and 356.2 units of profit from 6 proofed selections, this is a tipster to keep an eye on.
  9. Hats off to GF Betting, we had a chat with them last week about the quality of their analysis and they showed what they can do by writing out a full analysis for each selection without effecting their results. With an 83% hit-rate from their 6 tips and 237.4 units, this tipster could be a real option for us in the future.
  10. soccertips1975 has featured a number of times in these updates now and here they are again.  Whilst yesterday wasn’t their best day of betting they still managed to achieve a total of 319.16 units of profit over the weekend and they just squeeze into our top 10 this week.
Unfortunately there remains a great deal of doubt about the validity of a number of bets placed this weekend (not from those in our top ten), the return on the proofed selections overall was -300.75 units.  The profit from all 1147 tips placed was 4868.26 units.  Quite a difference I’m sure you’ll agree. We always check each and every tip before a tipster is placed online, if there is any doubt about a tipsters honesty then they are not promoted to BetAdvisor so make sure you are working honestly and not trying to cheat your way into promotion.  As one tipster found out today, it just doesn’t work.]]>