Tipster Academy Update 04/06/2014

Live Odds system. 03/06/2014 59 tipsters acroos 5 sports. 95 Proofed Tips from 115 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. Just as we saw a number of new tipsters pick up mentions yesterday, Druidman makes his first appearance in one of these reviews and with 323 units of profit it was clearly a good day for him.
  2. Horse racing tipster William Thompson is also a new name for us and with 257.58 units of profit from 3 tips (2 proofed, 1 checked) he also had a good day and it was a nice bump for him after a tough start to the trial process.
  3. Another tipster who has seen some struggles, DIabollik had a rare (so far) good day and won 219.34 units from 3 proofed bets.
  4. This Horse Racing tipster has a “Private” account and cannot be named.
  5. With a small number of tips so far it’s difficult to say how arnold ridly will turn out but his analysis makes sense (even if it is a bit short) and he’s showing a good profit so far.  Time will be the judge on this one.
  6. Ace Tennis Tips placed just the one bet yesterday and picked up 147 units from his one tip.  I’m liking the analysis I’ve seen from this tipster and with a simple name change this tipster would be ready to go.
  7. PODARAS64 may have had a good day but overall his trial results indicate a tipster that is struggling.
  8. Another tennis tipster putting the work in on their analysis is goododdstennis.  His early trial results are also good and although it’s just the start of his trial, things look promising.
  9. The name of WTA-pros pretty much gives away this tipsters area of focus.  The analysis looks pretty good but this is another tipster that needs a name change.
  10. 1 tip, 1 win, 106.4 units, those are the stats from Kvantita’s trial so far.  That means it’s far too early to put in any judgement.  I do like the analysis though and we have seen some really good analysis from our tennis tipsters recently.