Tipster Academy Weekend Update 22/04/2014 part 1

Day 1: 18/04/2014 99 tipsters across 8 sports. 226 Proofed Tips from 244 tips in total. Tipsters

  1. This football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  2. This horse racing tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  3. Finally, a tipster we can talk about! horsepower9000 (terrible name) placed 5 tips on Friday (only 2 of them were proofed) and made a profit of 426 units.
  4. Another tipster with a poor choice of name, gorey (yes, really) placed 2 proofed selections on Friday, won them both and picked up 289 units of profit.  Whilst the name may be bad, the analysis looks to be very good.
  5. Stavros68 is a football tipster who has seen a bout of choppy form since they joined the site, Friday was a good day for them though as they won2/4 selections and 288 units of profit.
  6. This tipster is heading for a brick wall in regards to their trial, not only is the name (ishutic) not acceptable but their analysis is just a series of 1’s (“111111111111111111111”).  Not good enough and won’t pass the trial unless they up their game. 258.4 units of profit.
  7. I’m not sure whether coced2 is trying to be funny with their username but there is no arguing with their results or analysis on Fridays bets. 250 units of profit from a single selection.
  8. The analysis may be a bit short for my liking but at least CHOSEN ONE CY is making an effort.  Their form looks pretty good as well and the 178 units they won on Friday won’t hurt.
  9. Another tipster with a choppy performance, Rich Gambler picked up 156 units of profit on Friday from 2 winning (and proofed) selections.
  10. Premium Basket is another who has seen some ups and down during his trial.  They missed out on passing the probation at the 100 pick mark but if they continue and can raise their yield a bit, we may see this tipster online at BetAdvisor some time in the future.
One tipster was removed from the trial as a result of this daily review.  The odds advised just did not line up with the available odds at the time they posted their tip. The tipsters active on Friday made a profit of 421.13 units.  Unfortunately when we look at proofed selections only, that drops to -146.68 units so you can see that there is a good chance some cheating was going on. Day 2: 19/04/2014 145 tipsters across 8 sports. 393 Proofed Tips from 431 tips in total. Tipsters
  1. Allessio has seen some ups and some downs during his trial.  His analysis may be a set text but it’s still better than some I’ve seen recently.  With 554 units from a massive 14 bets, Allessio was having a good day on Saturday.
  2. nOXX3 is another who had a good day, he made 398 units of profit from just 2 bets with a 100% hit-rate.
  3. PalindromaRacing is not a stranger to these pages and he’s featured again with 280 units of profit from his 4 selections on Saturday.
  4. eric basket may not have had things all his own way since starting his trial but with 270 units of profit from his 2 tips (50% hit-rate), it was a good day for this basketball tipster.
  5. It’s early days for Galini and whilst his analysis is short and sweet, it covers the main points. 1 tip, 254 units won.
  6. This tennis tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  7. Elisabeth Black looks to have made a solid start to their tipping on Tipster Academy.  3 tips placed, 3 won, 246.8 units of profit and some good analysis to top it all off.
  8. This tipster prefers to use a set text for their analysis, not ideal but it is acceptable. Matija Tar won 245 units from their 4 proofed selections on Saturday.
  9. Dr. House impressed me by sending in a screenshot of the odds available on his selection, honesty like that is very much appreciated. 242.6 units of profit from 4 proofed selections.
  10. Rugby Specialist took a big jump towards his promotion target with a good day of selections, 8 tips placed (6 proofed) and a profit of 230.8 units certainly took him in the right direction.
Saturday was not a pleasant day for many of our tipsters on trial.  A proofed “profit” of -144.59 units indicates it was a tough day to call. That’s enough for Part 1, the next two days will be reviewed in part 2.  ]]>