Tipster Academy Weekly Review

Bet of the Week Horse racing tipster “ben the tipster” picked out Caledonia Lady to win at Nottingham on the 10th May.  It duly came in at odds of 13.59 and realised a profit of 956.84 units.  This tipster doesn’t seem to have posted a selection since that day and I hope they haven’t just given up.  This selection was proofed by our Live Odds system. 9/05/2014 – 15/05/2014 211 tipsters across 8 sports. 1236 Proofed Tips from 1399 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  2. I’m pretty sure that “Drakh” is a Klingon delicacy made up of some kind of worm (correct me if I’m wrong), it certainly isn’t a great name for a tipster.  What is great though is this tipsters results.  He’s placed 7 bets over the last week and won them all.  No chance of cheating either as all 7 selections were entered with the Live Odds system.  With 914 units of profit you can colour me impressed!
  3. ben the tipster not only made the biggest bet of the week, he also slips into 3rd place in the top ten this week.  Only two bets were placed (last Saturday) and we’ve seen nothing since, we hope to see him return to the site soon.
  4. Proofing a good horse racing tipster can be a very enjoyable experience, ok not everyone will appreciate checking numbers off a spreadsheet against Timeform to see if a tipster is being honest but when the work being done is as good as that provided by Richard Saddler, it’s no chore at all.  With 871.18 units of profit over the last week he’s doing very well and there may be a lot more proofing in his future.
  5. With one win under his belt already today, Gregor Sykora may be featuring in Mondays update as well.  He’s had a good week with 730 units of profit coming from his ten tips.
  6. Despite not placing his first selection until mid April jonhumphries has already submitted over 100 tips and is now just working his way towards that 90 day mark.  Results have been a little up and down as you would expect from a horse racing tipster but the overall trend shows enough winners to keep this tipster in profit.  The 508 units he’s picked up over the last week won’t hurt.
  7. Our tabloid journalist Harry Harrison is back in our rankings with 499.8 units of profit from 18 selections.  He’s still going on about “visual sensations” but we’ll see if we can get him to stop.
  8. With 444 units of profit Rangel keeps up his impressive recent form and takes 8th place in our rankings.
  9. L1n0 takes 9th place with 408 units.  Of the 13 selections placed, only one was not entered via the Live Odds system.  I would like to see either an individual piece of analysis for each selection or an improved set-text, I’m not a great fan of what’s being used right now.
  10. Football tipster Allessio makes his latest appearance in an update.  With another 390 units of profit added to his total things continue to look up even after a recent period of struggle.
I’m off to finish off the proofing of a tennis tipster on the site.  There is a good chance you will see this tipster join the site early next week.]]>