Tipster Academy Update 25/04/2014

24/04/2014 95 tipsters across 7 sports. 194 Proofed Tips from 210 tips in total. Tipsters

  1. Darius Bailey hasn’t been mentioned before in these updates and he hasn’t bee on trial long.  His results have been a bit up and down but with 565 units of profit won yesterday, it was one of his good days.  A little more consistency overall and some proper analysis would help his cause a fair bit.
  2. Liosha8 isn’t a new name to the site, this is their 3rd appearance in these daily updates and 4 winning selections from 4 proofed tips is a perfect example of why this tipster is very much on our radar.
  3. Another tipster making their 3rd appearance is soccertips1975.  With 2 wins out of 3 yesterday they picked up another 222.4 units of profit.
  4. This Horse Racing tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  5. I’ll keep banging on about screen names until everyone gets the point.  To be fair, I think “Anti Communists” is trying to make a point of their own but this is a sports betting site, not a political statement site.  A name change is needed quickly.
  6. Jules Barnier added his 9th tip of his trial and it won, earning him another mention in the daily review. 174 units of profit made on the Benfica v Juventus game.
  7. Matija Tar is another tipster who has featured recently. I’m sure we’ve talked about set text before but it would be best to give some insight into your thinking instead of just giving one (ok, 3) piece of betting advice time and time again. 161 units of profit.
  8. This Horse Racing tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  9. This tipster may not always live up to their screen name but alwayswin had a good day yesterday and keeps up a recent run of good form.  They are appraoching the kind of target we’re looking for after 250 tips so they stand a chance.
  10. The analysis provided by betenis may be short but it’s not our biggest concern with this tipster.  They were doing very well but a losing run akin to diving off a cliff wrecked their results and they are now working off a negative return.
Keep an eye out for our review of the last 7 days of tipping on Tipster Academy.  It’s coming up soon.]]>