Tipster Academy Update 03/06/2014

02/06/2014 66 tipsters across 7 sports. 123 Proofed Tips from 148 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. Football tipster Urara is the first of a few new faces to the site, this is the first time they’ve been mentioned since joining us which is no major surprise as they have only been active for 9 days.  With a profit of 245 units from their first 2 tips and a good record so far we look forward to seeing how far this tipster can go.  A name change would be needed before any kind of promotion could happen but the analysis is ok, not “great” but ok.
  2. Ace Tennis Tips is another new name for us.  I really like the analysis this tipster provides and as this is another new face to the site there is clearly a fresh batch of new talent coming through. With 240.87 units of profit from 3 winning bets this tipster wasn’t far off getting top spot in todays rankings.
  3. Larry Barnes has made an excellent start to his trial, he’s yet to have a losing bet and although that’s bound to end you get the feeling this tipster knows what he’s talking about. With 236.6 units of profit from 5 bets, yesterday was a good day.
  4. Another tipster making his debut in these pages, Mike Sanders has done well so far betting on International football and he’ll get a lot of chance to show us what he can do over the next month or so.  Analysis looks good and with 236 units of profit there is nothing to concern us so far.
  5. Football tipster insidebetting is going to need a name change before they can reach BetAdvisor but with their results so far it looks like that may become a necessity instead of a preference.  Another 226.5 units from 4 bets (3W 1V) yesterday just underlined this tipsters quality.
  6. With some short and sharp analysis, jonhumphries seems to know what he’s talking about and he’s probably one of the tipsters we’ll be taking a closer look at over the next week or so.  One winning selection from two bets saw him pick up 120 units yesterday.
  7. We’ve seen PalindromaRacing have a small dip but we’re glad to see some of their early form returning.  Yesterdays wins saw him pick up 110.41 units.
  8. Whilst football tipster Sovander doesn’t use a set-text (or at least doesn’t seem to) the analysis from their one tip so far wasn’t exactly insightful, just stating the stats isn’t really analysis as anyone can look that up.
  9. GF Betting has had a few mentions in these updates before and the 93.1 units they picked up yesterday saw them gain another one.
  10. Jeff Mills had a rough start to his trial but he’s been steadily working his way back to profit with an impressive recent run.  Yesterdays profit of 92 units will help.  Good analysis backs up this tipsters strong recent form.