Tipster Academy Update 20/05/2014

  Bet of the Day Gregor Sykora had yesterdays biggest win of the day.  Backing underdog Nikola Milojevic really paid off as an 80 unit bet picked up 313.63 units.

  19/05/2014 58 tipsters across 6 sports. 114 Proofed Tips from 125 tips in total. Tipsters:
  1. Tennis tipster Magnus has a fairly simple message for everyone in his set-text analysis.  It doesn’t really give us any insights into how he comes up with his selections or what we can expect from him moving forwards but perhaps that’s what he wants.  He certainly had a good day yesterday, his 348.98 units of profit helped keep the tennis sections heads above water.
  2. nOXX3 really needs to improve his analysis as I don’t think what he’s entering at the moment is good enough.  Yes, he may have a new style of betting but it’s not enough to just repeat that several times over. With 2 selections and 312 units of profit he did have a good day so perhaps his new style of betting is working for him.
  3. The Flat Racer is another new name for us and he too uses a set text.  At least this one gives us some kind of idea what this tipster is looking for in his selections so it’s ahead of some of the others I’ve seen.  With 77 tips it’s almost time for us to take a longer look at this tipster and the 225 units he picked up yesterday won’t hurt his cause.
  4. Another horse racing tipster that we HAVE seen before is gorey, this will be the third time he has featured in this newsletter and with 200 units of profit, from a single selection, it was another good day.  We’ve seen gorey have a bit of a slide before he started to win so despite some good recent results the overall yield isn’t quite at the range we’re looking for just yet.
  5. After a good run of results we’ve seen tennis tipster Sebi struggle to put together a consistent run.  Hopefully the 185 units he picked up yesterday can kickstart a long winning run but with one loss already today, it looks unlikely.
  6. Football tipster selfdefence still needs a name change and we would prefer not to see yet another set-text analysis but they have made a good start to their trial and we will see if they can keep this kind of run going.
  7. Elena gets her second mention in our updates and yesterday saw her pick up 175 units of profti from 2 selections (just the one winner though).  Elena does need to brush up on her English skills though as I don’t understand much of her analysis.
  8. Football tipster mancee needs to make a few changes before they will become eligible for promotion, first of all a name change is needed, secondly we need to see analysis in English and thirdly they need to show a little more consistency.  116 units on a good day is fine but it the results are generally all over the place then just the occasional good day won’t be enough.
  9. Tenis tipster Matt Barnes has only posted 9 selections in total so we’re unable to say anything about their long term chances.  The choice of screen name and analysis is good though which indicates a tipster setting out to do things the right way from the start.
  10. Nathan1 has made a good start to his trial and it will be interesting to see if he can keep this kind of pace up.  With 4 tips yesterday and a profit of 104.4 units we certainly hope he can.
As I said earlier, I’m going to be away for about a week as the delights of Bucharest are calling me.  Don’t be concerned if there are any tips that need validating, I will catch up with everything upon my return.  If you do have any questions then please send them on to my email address ( and if it is uirgent and you don’t get a reply, please send ONE email to and they may be able to help out.]]>