Tipster Academy Update – 02/05/2014

01/05/2014 97 tipsters across 7 sports. 208 Proofed Tips from 235 in total. Tipsters:

  1. With a profit of 400 units, Darius Bailey takes top spot today.  I’m not a fan of his analysis which talks vaguely about “eyecatcher list qualifiers”,  I’d much rather see something a little more in depth if he’s using a set text at all.  Only 2 of Darius’ 3 selections were proofed via our Live Odds system but I’ve personally proofed the other one and it checks out.
  2. Furby1989 has a graph that looks like a graph of Furby sales, it generally goes down with the odd occasional burst as people still remember they exist.  It’s not been a great trial for this tipster and even days like yesterday where they win 274 units of profit aren’t making up for the losing days.
  3. This Tennis tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  4. Despite the fact that Mike Best now has over 200 tips on his account, I can’t say I’ve ever come across this tipster before.  To be fair to him, he’s looking like a solid and consistent tipster.  There are the occasional “pitchy” times but results look solid overall.  Mike Best picked up 180 units of profit from his 2 (proofed) selections yesterday and we look to see if he can keep this run going.
  5. If you can get into these rankings after making one tip on your trial, that’s a good start!  Football tipster laguna2000 has only made one tip so far but it was a winner and they picked up 179.55 units of profit.  A change of screen name is required but the analysis looks good.
  6. Tennis tipster Paul Bradbury has been named once before in these updates and he gets his second mention after picking up 163.8 units of profit from his 7 selections yesterday.  Paul doesn’t go for “safe” selections, he’ll often back the underdog in a match as you can see from his record and the average odds he works at.  You can follow Pauls twitter account here: @PaulBradbury13
  7. Derek Beck gets his third mention in these daily updates and he continues to show himself in a good light with both his selections and his analysis.  Yesterday saw him pick up another 145 units of profit from his 3 selections and the more I see from this guy the more there is to like.
  8. Whilst football tipster munja did well yesterday (142.2 units of profit from 2 selections) I really don’t see him lasting.  His analysis is not good enough, we need to see actual analysis and not just “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” which I find to be insulting to the tipsters who actually put in the hours on this site and want to show what they can really do.  Also, the name, “munja” just doesn’t fly for me I’m afraid.
  9. Whilst doniansa isn’t quite as bad as “munja”, the analysis still needs to be taken up a notch, one sentence repeated multiple times or the name of the team you’re backing over and over again is NOT analysis, it’s “filling” and we’re not looking for people to “fill” spaces.  We want quality tipsters who want to provide a quality service.
  10. It seems to be the day for picking up on peoples analysis, if you can figure out what the relation is between the analysis nikotin has provided and sports betting then you’re doing better than me.  I’m not a fan of the name, I’m not a fan of the set text used and after 27 semections we’d expect to see a bit more from a tipster by this point.
I’ll be back with the weekly update later on so keep an eye out for that.  Hopefully the longer term nature of that review will shine the light on tipsters who are trying a little harder than some of the guys above.]]>