Tipster Academy Update 29/04/2014

28/04/2014 108 tipsters across 5 sports. 193 Proofed Tips from 232 tips in total. Tipsters

  1. horsepower9000 sits at the top of the one day rankings and so they earn themselves yet another name-check on these pages,  they’ve been featured twice before and they are getting very close to the point where we could start to review them. 365.76 units of profit from 5 tips (all either proofed or verified by us).
  2. Football tipster alwayswin has also been mentioned a few times in these pages and with 333.6 units of profit from 3 winning selections, they have certainly deserved another.  The way they’ve been going they are likely to get a mention in our review of the month as well which should be published on Thursday.
  3. Handball is a new sport for us, we’ve got it ready to go on BetAdvisor and we’re now just waiting for the right tipster to come along and take their place on the site.  seven-metre may be that tipster, if they can keep up the good work they’ve shown recently then they stand a good chance.  Yesterday saw them pick up another 180 units from 2 selections.
  4. Despite the fact that bettingtipsnig has placed nearly 200 selections this is the first time I’ve come across their name, it’s not a name I like and it’s not one I’d suggest they plan on keeping but their results were good yesterday with 166.4 units from 3 proofed selections.
  5. Derek Beck has been featured on these pages before but it was under his old screen name of “El Punter”, thankfully that name is now a thing of the past and Derek has shown it hasn’t effected his choices at all as he picked up another 153 units yesterday.
  6. We do request that all analysis is provided in English as both BetAdvisor and Tipster Academy are English Language websites.  This is something that KING has clearly missed as he posted his first two selections with analysis in Indonesian.  They both won which is clearly a good thing but we are going to have to insist he writes in English from now on. 138 units of profit.
  7. If you’re going to use a set text (and we would prefer you didn’t) then please make it a good one.  I think SOEKA used an online translation tool to come up with theirs and it’s managed to miss a word or two out. 2 winning bets provided 136 units of profit.
  8. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  9. This Horse Racing tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  10. Elena is trying to enter a written analysis for their (her?) picks, it could do with a little work as there are some regular errors in there but fair play to them for putting in the work.  This is the first time they Elena has been mentioned in these updates.  One tip selected, 113 units won.
The profit/loss levels for yesterday were not fun reading, once again a number of unproofed selections boosted the total (and I’ve removed the worst culprit) but there was still an overall loss of -2432.02 units on the selections made by our tipsters on trial yesterday.]]>