Tipster Academy Weekend Update 22/04/2014 part 2

Day 3: 20/04/2014 112 tipsters across 8 sports. 281 Proofed Tips from 319 tips in total. Tipsters

  1. betenis was doing very well until a massive dip in performance saw them drop swiftly in the rankings.  Perhaps their 388.6 units from 6 tips (3 proofed) will spur them on to better things.
  2. Galini made it into the top ten rankings twice in two days, another 3 bets, another 3 winners and 352 units of profit made.
  3. We talked about Stavros68 in part 1 of this update so we’ll stick to the numbers here: 3 proofed selections, 2/3 winners and 324 units of profit.
  4. This football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  5. Giles has had a rough (mostly downwards) ride during his trial, with 263.6 units made from his 3 proofed selections his form took an upswing.  We hope to see more of the same in the future.
  6. We’ve spoken about seven-metre before in these updates and he’s here again with another 254 units of profit from 3 winning selections.
  7. Archie Foster has made an impressive start to his trial, let’s see if he can keep it up. 223 units of profit from 3 semections.
  8. El Punter might need to give his screen name a rethink but his selections are going well and the results from Sunday are typical of what we’ve seen so far. 221 units of profit, 3/4 tips won, all proofed.
  9. With 6 tips on Sunday (5 of them proofed), soccertips1975 kept himself busy.  With half of them winning and a profit of 218 units, it was time well spent.
  10. bloodbrothers will probably be one of the tipsters we are going to be reviewing this week.  He had a good day on Sunday with another 211 units won from 5 proofed tips.  This tipster stands a good chance of being promoted to BetAdvisor as things stand.
We saw much better results from our trial tipsters on Sunday.  Of the 281 proofed tips submitted, a profit of 2452.82 units was won.  The overall figure looks realistic as well so well done all round. Day 4: 21/04/2014 102 tipsters across 8 sports. 244 Proofed Tips from 271 tips in total. Tipsters
  1. As I said previously, PalindromaRacing is becoming a bit of a regular in these updates.  Their results means that they are likely to be one of the tipsters reviewed for  promotion this week. 696.66 units of profit from 5 selections (4 proofed by our system).
  2. It appears that someone is a fan of Captain America (or just the Marvel comics in general), hydraaa sits in 2nd place in this weeks rankings with 279 units of profit.  More days like yesterday will see them turn around their current slide.
  3. This football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  4. I like what I see from Joro Sotirov.  Good selections combined with good analysis gives this tipster a chance.  At an overall yield of 16.23%, they are going to need to carry on providing tips for a while though to qualify.
  5. With another mention in our reviews, horsepower9000 must be doing something right.  195 units of profit from 5 selections isn’t bad going.
  6. Leo Olhouser has seen as many downs as he has ups in his trial so far.  Perhaps a bit more focus on a smaller number of leagues would help? 187.2 units of profit from 3 winning selections.
  7. Jonatan Horn is another who has made an impressive start to their trial.  It is a concern that both Leo Olhouser and Jonatan seem to have made their selections on exactly the same matches.  This one will need further examination.  175.2 units from 3 selections.
  8. With a 100% hit-rate yesterday, Dr. House just continued his good form. 164 units won.
  9. Elisabeth Black continued her strong start to her trial with another 3 winning selections from 4 advised bets.  Nice work.
  10. This tennis tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
Again there was amarked difference between the overall profit and the profit achieved from the proofed selections.  We’d like to see all tips placed via our Live Odds system to make sure we don’t have the worries about the honesty of some of our tipsters. I’ll be back tomorrow with another update.]]>