Tipster Academy Update 16/04/2014

15/04/2014 94 active tipsters across 7 sports. 171 Proofed Tips from 198 tips in total. Tipsters 1. Yesterdays biggest winner was Liosha8.  Liosha8 (that really needs a new screen name) made 4 tips yesterday and already has 5 up today so this is clearly an active tipster.  They picked up 321 units of profit from their 4 proofed tips with a yield of 100.31%.  The analysis provided by those tips was very good as well.  Liosha8’s results so far look very good and with 44 tips placed so far they are close to the halfway point. 2. This tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account but they picked up 305.4 units from their 3 proofed tips. 3. GF Betting was yesterdays 3rd biggest winner with 160 units of profit from 2 bets.  They’re going to need to improve their analysis if they wish to progress as entering a bunch of full stops to fill the 100 character limit really isn’t good enough. 4. In 4th place is a tipster we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while.  Bloodbrothers is one of the top rated handball tipsters on the site and whilst this may be a market of low liquidity there is certainly a market for tipsters like this. 154.85 units of profit from a single bet is a good days work. 5. This tennis tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account. 5 proofed tips brought them 149 units of profit. 6. Ivan Lučić finished yesterday in 6th place.  His analysis is fairly good and a 97.5% yield from his 2 proofed tips shows why he’s featured in our top 20 basketball tipsters. 7. PILA came up with a very nice first tip.  Backing Arsenal to overcome a 1.5 goal handicap was a good call and whilst the analysis may have been short, it made it’s point. 107 units of profit. 8. Crazy Safin may have placed 3 bets but with 2 void selections they were waiting on the third to bring them in some profit.  It did just that, making them 106.2 units for the day.  This tennis tipster just missed out on the 25% cut at the 100 tip mark but they look like good candidates to be promoted on the next landmark (150 tips). 9. MihaiAtp900 might need a name change but he certainly doesn’t need to change his approach to making selections.  What he’s doing right now is certainly working for them so far and although they are only at the start of their trial, it’s looking profitable for them. 10. Football tipster Glidarn rounds out our top 10 today.  1 winning bet brought him in 102 units of profit.  After making a really good start with the analysis found in his early tips, it was disappointing to see him do half a job and just enter “———————” as his analysis yesterday.  Must do better.]]>