Tipster Academy Update 23/04/2014

22/04/2014 99 tipsters across 6 sports. 177 Proofed Tips from 202 tips in total. Tipsters

  1. Liosha8 has been mentioned once before in these updates and appears again after another good day.  With 3/4 of their bets winning and a profit of 218 units.  It was a good day for Liosha8 and we expect to be talkign about this tipster again in the future.
  2. This horse racing tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  3. Don’t ask me what a “visual sensation” is when it comes to sports betting (I’m not sure I want to know) but Harry Harrison seems to get them.  Good bets (yesterday), poorly worded analysis. 170 units of profit from 4 proofed tips.
  4. GracianoJonuzi has only placed 15 selections on his trial but he’s been successful so far and did well enough to take 4th place in todays rankings.  The set text analysis could so with some work but some good bets yesterday. 168.8 units of profit.
  5. eric basket was mentioned only yesterday and he’s back in the rankings here.  156 units of profit from a single bet.
  6. Jurgen is another tipster that’s chosen to go down the set text route.  It’s not ideal but it is allowed. 3 selections yesterday, all of them won and brought him in 147.6 units of profit.
  7. soccertips1975 has also been mentioned before, he slips into 7th place with 3/4 winning tips and a profit of 141.9 units.  The analysis could do with being a bit longer but there is no arguing with his results so far.
  8. This horse racing tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  9. Vincenzo Malte has seen a stunning turn around in form recently and did well again yesterday with 140.6 units of profit from 2 winning selections.
  10. 2 selections placed on trial, 2 won.  That’s not a bad record to kick things off with.  If mindhacks can keep that up (tall ask I know), there’s almost no doubt they will be promoted to BetAdvisor.
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