Tipster Academy Review May 2014

01/05/2014 – 31/05/2014 484 tipsters across 9 sports. 6167 Proofed Tips from 6929 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. GH Q6 is clearly a tipster we need to keep an eye on.  Initially I had written him off as having one lucky bet and living off that ever since.  The results over the last month give me cause to think that may not be the entire case though and he may be one of the tipsters I take a close look at tomorrow.
  2. Another tipster we’ll be keeping an eye on is Gregor Sykora, with just over 1000 units of profit in May, this tipster may make it all the way to BetAdvisor, we’re going to need to see a little bit more consistency though if that is to happen.
  3. Bartez1986 is certainly on the kind of run that makes people sit up and take notice, we will be keeping an eye on this one to see if it’s just a lucky run or an indication of overall quality.
  4. This Football tipster has a “Private” account and cannot be named.
  5. Horse racing tipster ben the tipster only placed 2 bets in May but with both of them winning at good odds, it was enough to get him a mention here.  Has he give up and moved on?  Only time will tell.
  6. One tipster that has been active is The Flat Racer, another horse racing tipster with a set text analysis, clearly this tipster is hoping his results alone will make him stand out.
  7. Another horse racing tipster makes it into 7th place and gorey has been here before, we’ve mentioned him a few times now and whilst his screen name needs work, his analysis looks good and he’s been on a good run recently.
  8. Basketball tipster Justin Credible needs to start showing us what he can do in English,  we’re not so provincial that we’re going to rule him out for this one thing but both BetAdvisor and Tipster Academy are supposed to eb English language sites.
  9. If you’re only going to place one bet a month, make it a good one, that’s exactly what OleOleOle did when backing Sunderland to beat Manchester United.
  10. With 59 tips in May, only Gregor Sykora was more active than this horse racing tipster.  Richard Saddler has been in these pages before under a different name but the end result is still the same.  This tipster is looking good and we look forward to seeing more in the future.

  Bet of the Month The one bet that really pushed GH Q6 up into the upper reaches of our ranking is the same one that was our biggest winner last month. If you’re prepared to bet on Getafe getting a draw away to Barcelona and willing to risk 100 units on it, you deserve the 1850 units of profit that come your way as a result.]]>