Tipster Academy Update – 06/05/2014

05/05/2014 81 tipsters across 4 sports. 163 Proofed Tips from 179 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. Fyodor Ivanov has only placed 5 tips in total on the Academy so for them to get first place this quickly in a daily update is a good sign.  With 280 units of profit from their 3 tips and a 100% hit-rate it has been a very good start to this tipsters time online.  We look forward to seeing how they progress.
  2. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  3. Iker Leon is one of the tipsters we’re going to be running the rule over in the next couple of weeks (it would be quicker but I’m going to be away).  The analysis they have provided is good and despite some ups and downs in their results they have generally made money.  With 240 units of profit made from just a single tip Iker takes 2nd place in todays rankings.
  4. Football tipster selfdefence desperately needs a new screen name.  They also need to look at providing some real analysis to go with their tips.  Right now they are using a set-text and the combination of screen name and set-text analysis doesn’t work in their favour.  They too picked up 240 units of profit from 1 tip.
  5. With a name like Jonah you’d expect this football tipster to be more than a little unlucky.  Not in this case, with 20 tips placed so far the early results have been very encouraging.  4 selections were made yesterday and the end result was 167.8 units of profit.
  6. Furby1989 was very close to taking fifth spot but with 164.7 units they fell just a little bit short.
  7. Tennis tipster Harry Harrison has been a model of inconsistency during their trial.  They placed 7 seven tips yesterday and ended up with 143.4 units of profit.  The screen name sounds like a tabloid writer and the analysis isn’t much cope if I’m honest.
  8. With just the one tip placed yesterday laguna2000 needed it to be a good one.  The single win showed it was a good choice and the end result was 125 units of profit.
  9. Correctly predicting that there would be goals in the Crystal Palace v Liverpool game, alenbbb picked up 108 units of profit.  Much improvement is going to be needed for this tipster to stand any chance of going online though.
  10. We’ve only seen one tip from Taru, they are brand new to our trial system, but with that tip winning and bringing in 92 units, they get to appear in our rankings almost straight away.
What we’re looking for from BetAdvisor tipsters: Just because a tipster doesn’t show up in these rankings doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be looking at them for possible promotion.  Just remember, a number of tipsters have private accounts and so we can’t name them.  Also, these rankings are based on profit and if a tipster is placing smaller bets then they are making it harder for them to show up here.  The selection criteria for passing online is based more on yield though (profit is taken into account of course) and so if a tipster is making a small amount of money every day then they probably stand a better chance of being promoted than someone who wins big from time to time but makes an overall loss. We couldn’t promote a tipster who uses a name like laguna2000 or Furby1989.  Our tipsters need to present a trustworthy and realistic figure on the site and if you’re naming yourself after a Japanese toy how serious can you be?  That’s why we provide a spreadsheet tool for people to come up with a screen name that would be acceptable on BetAdvisor.  We have to use screen names in order to protect our tipsters identities.  A certain amount of investment goes into launching and promoting tipsters and we don’t want people being approached outside of BetAdvisor, this is a business after all and we’re just protecting our assets. Just like a choice of screen name is important, so is the analysis you provide.  We understand that not everyone writes well in English but we do expect a certain level of quality from someone who wants to go online.  Entering a series of letters (like this: “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”) or just bashing away at the keyboard doesn’t leave us or any potential future clients with any insight on what you do and how you do it.  You not only need to demonstrate that you can make good selections, you also need to demonstrate you have an understanding of the sport you are covering and are not just “winging it”. Placing a tipster online is not an easy choice,  some people make it easy for us by demonstrating a high level of professionalism, others make it equally easy by writing to us and making demands, guess which ones will be promoted and which won’t?  If you can demonstrate that you are a level-headed individual and act honestly throughout your trial, your chances of going online at BetAdvisor go up immeasurably.  Our clients deserve professionalism and that’s what we want to bring them. I’ll be back with an extended review next Tuesday, enjoy your trial and good luck with your betting.]]>