Tipster Academy FAQ's

1. Why hasn’t the email confirmation link worked? – If you’ve clicked on the link, no matter what the page says, you have confirmed your email address. 2. Why can’t I see the match/race I want to bet on? – Not all competitions are available to us,  we work with our sports media partner BetRadar and can only provide the events they cover, as new competitions are added by BetRadar, we will add them if appropriate.  Also, not all competitions should be bet on,  being able to make a winning selection in a very low liquidity market doesn’t mean it should be used for a service like BetAdvisor. 3. Why am I not showing up on the leaderboard? – Not everyone can be shown on the leaderboard, also you need to have supplied a minimum of 40 tips. 4. How many bets do I need to enter to pass the trial? – There is no set number, we would like to see a minimum of 3 months of trial and a minimum of 100 tips.  That does not mean that you will pass after 3 months and 100 tips, that is just the minimum requirement.  We are looking for a yield around 25% after that number of tips but don’t be discouraged if you miss that, there is still an opportunity to get promoted, you just need to post selections for longer. 5. Why can’t I see my tips once they have been published? – Once a tip has been published, it’s details are hidden until the bet is resolved. 6. How do I change my tip if I make an error? – Put simply?  You can’t.  If you were on BetAdvisor and made a mistake, it could cost people money.  Once a tip has been entered, it cannot be changed again. 7. How many tips can I enter per day? – You can enter up to 5 bets at any one time, as soon as one selection is resolved, you can add another. 8. What is my maximum stake? – You can bet up to 5% on any one event and a total of 16% at any one time. 9. What is the lowest odds I can enter? – We are generally looking for odds higher than 1.6 but at times you will be able to enter 1.5. 10. Do I have to enter analysis? – Yes, it can be a set text if you like but make sure it is good, poor quality analysis will go against you when it comes time to review your trial.  ]]>