Tipster Academy Weekly Review 18/04/2014 – 24/04/2014

18/04/2014 – 24/04/2014 258 tipsters across 8 sports. 1724 Proofed Tips from 1904 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. PalindromaRacing is making quite a splash in these reviews, they have already been featured several times in our daily reviews and now they are top of the tree for the first weekly review as well.  They’ve been busy as well with 31 tips (28 proofed, the rest submitted at BSP), from all 31 tips they won 794.08 units, 60 units more than their closest rival and 200 units more than the next best horse racing tipster.
  2. Basketball tipster eric basket takes 2nd place in the weekly review with 733.8 units of proofed profit (5 tips).  We could do with seeing some slightly more in-depth analysis from this tipster but there is a chance that English isn’t that easy for him and allowances should be made if that’s the case.
  3. The top Tipster Academy tennis tipster (a little alliteration) over the last week was rexchino85.  They picked up 718.2 units of profit from their 4 proofed selections.  That just goes to show that a small number of selections can take you a long way (in this case, to 18.99% yield over 86 tips in total).
  4. This football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  5. Whilst soccertips1975 may not have been with us long (only 12 days), they have certainly been busy!  With 37 tips added to the site in 7 days this tipster is staying active in a way that many of us couldn’t keep pace with.  It’s working though, 625.8 units of profit from their 37 tips tells a story.
  6. Archie Foster is very, VERY consistent, he’s only lost 4 tips from the 27 tips he’s added to the site so far.  13 of those tips were added in the last week and with 603 units of proofed profit and good analysis, this is a tipster we’ll be keeping an eye on to see if they can last the distance.
  7. With 32 tips in a week, ProfitMaker is almost as busy as soccertipster1975.  They’ve managed to keep this pace up for over a month already and currently have 200 recorded selections on the site. With 593.2 units of proofed profit and a yield over the last week of 33.51%, this tipster has a good chance if they can repeat this kind of performance.
  8. Allessio has been up, and they’ve been down, this week has been another “up” for them but they really need to get some more consistency into their selections.  It’s been a good week though, 574.5 units of profit from 31 proofed tips.
  9. Our second highest rated horse racing tipster over the last week, horsepower9000 has shown good form and is cantering along nicely in their trial. 558 units of profit from their 33 tips has seen them go up to an overall yield of 14.1% on their trial.
  10. Galini doesn’t seem to be putting a lot of effort into his analysisbut with 9 selections over the last week and a profit of 524 units, he’s certainly made a steady start to his time with us.  If he can improve the analysis, it will be interesting to see how far he can go.
It’s good to see that some of you have been taking notice of what we have to say in these “mini” reviews.  It’s also heartening to see the profitable returns that our “tipsters on trial” have made over the last week.  With a profit of 2041.8 units from the bets entered through our Live Odds system, there is clearly a lot of untapped quality working to earn a place at BetAdvisor. I’ll be back on Monday with a review of the weekends results.]]>