Tipster Academy April Review – Top 10 Tipsters

1/04/2014 – 30/04/2014 547 tipsters across 8 sports. 7614 Proofed Tips from 8611 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. alwayswin has been featured 3 times in daily reviews and takes top spot for the month of April after some very strong results and if they can keep this level of consistency up over the weekend they will certainly be one of those tipsters we review on Monday.  always win picked up 2596.4 units of profit from 78 tips, a yield of 41.61%.
  2. Iker Leon has had a very strong month on Tipster Academy with 1721.6 units of profit from 33 proofed bets.  That provided a yield of 65.21% and rounded off a very strong month for this football tipster.  We’re going to be taking a serious look at Iker Leon next week.
  3. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  4. Dr. House provided 83 tips last month (82 proofed) and picked up 1576.16 units of profit.  This tipster needs to keep going for a while yet as they need to complete the 3 months of probation before they can be promoted.  Analysis looks good and if the Dr. can keep this up for another couple of months he’ll be a strong contender to go online.
  5. With one handball tipster already promoted to the site bloodbrothers has hopes of becoming the 2nd handball tipster on the site.  The early indications are good as well with this active tipster combining good tips and good analysis.  1467.05 units of profit from 91 tips were the end result of this tipsters selections in April.
  6. PalindromaRacing has been a regular feature in our updates and they fully deserve their place in this ranking.  With a profit of 1424.41 units from 130 tips there can be no complaints about this tipsters quality at this point in time.  We hope they can keep it up.
  7. CHOSEN ONE CY takes 7th place in our top ten rankings with a total of 1401.98 units from his 53 tips.  We’d like to see a slightly improved analysis if at all possible.
  8. Joro Sotirov did well last month, picking up 1382.09 units of profit and a yield of 20.99% from 84 tips.  The anlaysis is good as well and so far this tipster is hitting all the right points.
  9. Archie Foster finished the month off strongly with a couple of good selections in the Champions League.  In the end he finished up with 1356 units of profit from 39 tips.
  10. After 4 mentions in the daily updates it’s no surprise to see soccertips1975 feature in this monthly review.  With 1247.36 units of profit from his 79 selections (78 of which were proofed) it would be no surprise to see this tipster go online one day.
The total profit from all of our proofed tips was 2068.49 units, the yield from those selections was not exactly strong at 0.38% but as you’ve seen from the numbers above, some tipsters really excelled themselves. Here is the breadkdown by sport:
Profit Yield Nb. Bets
Baseball -1020.99 -6.52% 318
Basketball 2060.14 5.78% 487
Football 11494.91 2.75% 5607
Handball 3311.85 19.49% 179
Horse Racing -248.65 -0.68% 649
Ice Hockey -1260.26 -11.37% 188
Rugby 1397.28 16.42% 132
Tennis 1386.21 1.86% 1050