Tipster Academy Update 30/04/2014

29/04/2014 99 tipsters across 7 sports. 182 Proofed Tips from 234 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. It’s good to see trek_ex6 back on the site after a short break.  They’ve been on the site for quite some time now and although it doesn’t look as though they’re going to reach the kind of consistency we would like to see at Tipster Academy, they’re making money overall and that could stand them in good stead in the future.  Yesterday they picked up 680 units of profit from a single bet.  Nice.
  2. It’s far too early in the day to say whether or not By Zambor is going to make it as a professional tipster on BetAdvisor.  They have only produced 4 tips so far and as everyone should know by now we need at least 100 tips before a tipster comes into contention.  With what is effectively a set text analysis, By Zambor isn’t helping us out any (especially when the name of one on the selected teams is mis-spelt).  357.64 units of profit is a good start though.
  3. Basketball tipster eric basket gets his third mention in these daily updates (his other mention was in last weeks weekly review) and if he carries on like this we may just have another tipster to add to the ranks at BetAdvisor. Although only one of his three selections were entered via our live odds system, I’ve been through the other two selections and verified that they were correct at the time of posting.  326 units of profit keep his head above the target of 25% yield we’re looking for when a tipster reaches 100 selections and with 74 tips so far, eric basket is almost there.
  4. Another tipster closing in on the 100 tip mark is soccertips1975,  unfortunately he’s got some way to go to before he will have provided 3 months of selections and we’ve seen tipsters start bright but fade out later on before.  Hopefully this won’t happen again here as with another 297 units of profit made yesterday, this tipster is continuing to show their consistency.
  5. RuskinATP makes his first appearance in one of these updates and it doesn’t take a genius to work out where his area of specialization is.  As with eric basket, not all of this tipsters selections were placed via our Live Odds system but the one that wasn’t has been verified. A 100% hit-rate on the day saw RuskinATP pick up 233.8 units of profit.
  6. Neb Kos is another tipster who has chosen to go down the set-text analysis route and what he provides is a slight disappointment.  If you are going to use a set-text then make it a good one please.  With 2 selections, 2 wins and 209 units of profit, his advised bets were a lot better than his analysis.  *His analysis is even worse when you do a Google search and find it’s been copied from another site, not cool fella.
  7. Football tipster kooper hasn’t seen everything go all his way in these early days of his trial, yesterdays selection in the Champions League was a good one though and gave his totals a nice little bump. 202.35 units of profit from just the one bet.
  8. nOXX3 has been mentioned in these updates before and I’m dismayed to see that his analysis is a few words repeated.  I’m so unimpressed, I’m not going to give out any more details of his bets yesterday.
  9. Jules Barnier doubled down on his selection in the Champions League last night and it paid off handsomely. 182.5 units of profit from 2 selections on just one match, clearly this tipster has a good eye for a bet.
  10. Stone Cheung is going to need to up his game if he wants to stay on the site.  “………………..” is not analysis we’ll accept.
We should see another of our tipsters graduate onto BetAdvisor today.  Kristian Nordquist will be starting his month of probation on the site and we look forward to seeing if he can replicate the results he has given us during his time on Tipster Academy.]]>