Tipster Academy Update 14/05/2014

Bet of the Day: With a bet in the football match between SV Mattersburg and SC Parndorf, this tipster (Private account remember) picked up 460 units by backing SC Parndorf to win the match at odds of 5.6.  With a final score of 2-4 this one came in with some ease though it looked a different matter at half-time. 13/05/2014 55 tipsters across 6 sports. 99 Proofed Tips from 115 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. Paceform-sprint were featured in yesterdays update and listened to our concern over their screen name.  After using the name creator spreadsheet tool they selected the new name of Richard Saddler and went on to win 522.6 units of profit across 2 winning tips.  We would prefer to see a piece of original analysis instead of a set text but results look like they will do enough talking here.  Excellent work.
  2. With 4 proofed selections and 4 winners By Zambor always stood a very good chance of being featured in todays rankings and so it has proved.  421.56 units of profit were the end result.
  3. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.  This tipster also had the Bet of the Day.
  4. Horse racing tipster zitoune comes 4th in todays rankings.  There are 3 problems that I can see here, first of all this tipster needs a name change, “zitoune” sounds like the name of a drain cleaning product and not that of a professional tipster. Second, this tipster uses a set text analysis. Third, that analysis is in French and not in English as our rules require.
  5. ScottTheTipster had a good day of play off action yesterday and picked up 215.1 units of profit from 2 winning selections.
  6. Ice hockey tipster hunajakale placed 6 selections yesterday and whilst only 3 of them were automatically proofed I have verified the other 3 so everything looks to be above-board here.  Apart from the choice of screen name everything looks good here.  Winning selections and good analysis always go down well.  This tipster still needs to finish off the minimum requirements before we could look at reviewing them but the signs are good and we would like to add another ice hockey tipster to the site.
  7. Basketball tipster kharizma24 has only been with us a couple of weeks so there is plenty of time left on their trial. They had a good day yesterday and are looking pretty good so far though the quality of analysis needs to be improved in my opinion.
  8. Siphiwe is very new to Tipster Academy (just the one tip so far) and I’m a little concerned that they placed an under 2.5 goals bet and talked about a lot of goals being scored.  Something to keep an eye on I think.
  9. L1n0 features in our rankings for the 2nd day in a row.  Again, I would like to see an improved screen name and better analysis but 137 units of profit from 2 proofed selections shouldn’t be sniffed at.
  10. Mako is a tipster I haven’t come across before and with 113.6 units of proofed profit from their one tip they only just scraped into the top 10.