Tipster Academy Weekend Update 05/05/2014

28/04/2014 – 04/05/2014 210 tipsters across 8 sports. 1028 Proofed Tips from 1143 tips in total. Tipsters

  1. GH Q6 sounds more like a postcode than a screen name for a tipster so that probably needs a rethink.  They have been toodling along quite nicely and then they picked up a BIG win by predicting a draw in the Barcelona v Getafe game.  The weekend saw them pick up 1790 units of profit from 5 tips.
  2. This Horse Racing tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  3. OleOleOle only made one selection this weekend but when you’re backing a relegation threatened Sunderland to beat a Manchester United side at Old Trafford (with the crowd whipped up by Ryan Giggs being in charge) the odds are very nice indeed and can get you up the rankings with just that one bet.
  4. Darius Bailey shows up in these updates once more (this will be appearance number 3).  With 420.8 units of profit from 7 tips over the weekend (and a hit rate just under 43%) you would normally expect to see this tipster lower down the rankings but as we said earlier, it wasn’t the greatest weekend for our “on trial” tipsters.
  5. FourFourTwo is another tipster that needs a name change, it’s exactly the same as a popular football magazine for a start. 3 winning bets (all proofed) brought in a profit of 412 units.
  6. I’ve talked about analysis before in relation to Matija Tar but now I’m going to talk about the time that tips are sent out.  Of this tipsters 9 tips, a third of them were sent out at times that BetAdvisor clients would deem “not acceptable”.  Try to add your tips between the hours of 8am and midnight GMT.  Adding tips outside of those hours would mean that your reducing your potential client base considerably.  Matija picked up 374 units of profit from 9 tips.
  7. We only have one ice hockey tipster on BetAdvisor and we keep looking for someone to join Arie Hordman.  Perhaps Imoh Godwin NHL could be that person?  His analysis certainly seems to indicate that this is a tipster who knows their stuff.  Let’s see if their results can match up.  364.2 units from 10 tips.
  8. I’m not sure what to make of Furby1989, you already know I dislike the name, the overall results have left a negative return but this is the second time they have featured in an update so they must be doing something right.  317.6 units of profit from 11 tips.
  9. With 8 tips in 8 different leagues GF Betting seems to give off a “Jack of all trades” vibe.  We’ve seen very few tipsters who are able to consistently profit across multiple leagues (Jeremy Price being one who has achieved it).  GF Betting is giving it a good shot though with 306.24 units from those 8 selections.
  10. Cicero has put together a very strong run of results, unfortunately many of them are at very low odds and we don’t accept anything below 1.5 at BetAdvisor right now (being discussed).  Cicero placed 8 selections on Tipster Academy over the weekend, in some very niche markets, and picked up 301 units of profit.  Is it a good return, yes.  Is it acceptable for BetAdvisor and a large client base?  Probably not.