Tipster Academy Update 18/04/2014

17/04/2014 113 tipsters across 8 sports. 203 Proofed Tips from 239 tips in total. Tipsters

  1. This is hardly the first time than bojan111 has been on our radar, he’s getting along nicely in his trial and yesterday saw a return to form after a recent rought patch.  A profit of 400 units from 3 proofed tips gets him 1st place in todays rankings.
  2. This horse racing tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  3. With 4 selections and 4 wins, LeParieurBelge can feel pleased with a good days work. With a yield over 12% and 300 tips, he can expect to be reviewed next week as well. Shame about the “Dddddddddddddddddd” used in yesterdays analysis, that won’t help.
  4. Paul Bradbury is someone we’ve been in contact with for a long time.  He admitted right at the start that he was just learning the ropes and that we shouldn’t expect too much too soon.  He’s learnt quickly though and is now racking up some good numbers.  He’s also got a twitter account that you can follow (@PaulBradbury13) where he gives away the tips he’s proofing through us.
  5. A big bet on Kingsmere at Cheltenham brought PalindromaRacing 280 units of profit on it’s own.  Losing 20 units of profit on a second bet didn’t hurt much in the end and this is a tipster we’ll be keeîng an eye on as they approach that 100 tip mark.
  6. Stavros68 has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride during his trial period but yesterday was a day of “ups”. 255.2 units won from 4 tips.
  7. A new name for me, Carlos Fortunato hasn’t featured on my radar as of yet but many more days like yesterday (3 tips, all winners, 235.2 units won) could change all that.
  8. This basketball tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  9. “Steady” progress seems to be the order of the day for Karolis Sportas, he’s not really shone as yet but if he can keep up this level of consistency over an extended period of time, he may have a chance yet.  Shame about the set text analysis.
  10. Dr.House was certainly doing the rounds against the bookies yesterday, 2 winning bets from 2 selections is further evidence of this tipsters consistency.  It will be interesting to see if this can be kept up long term.  Good analysis too.
We’ve got a 3 day weekend ahead of us so there will be plenty of bets that we can review next Tuesday when I’m back in the office. Until then, remember: The only bet that’s really a loser is one you don’t learn from.]]>