Tipster Academy Update 6/05/2014 – 13/05/2014

6/05/2014 – 13/05/2014 223 tipsters across 8 sports. 1317 Proofed Tips from 1494 tips in total. Tipsters

  1. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  2. Horse racing tipster “ben the tipster” went missing for about a month but managed to pick up a very big win upon his return.  With 876.84 units coming from his one winning tip he slides into 2nd place in the rankings for todays update.  The analysis we have seen so far has been pretty good but unfortunately results haven’t matched up overall.
  3. Nicotips has continued their good form with some good wins over the last few days.  The end result being a profit of 769 units.  Only 3/5 tips were entered via our Live Odds system but I’ve verified the other 2 and they were also good.  The only wrinkly here is that Nicotips only posts analysis in French and the rules clearly state that all analysis must be in English as BetAdvisor is an English language website.  With only 42 tips posted so far they still have time to show us what they can do before they get to the 100 tip mark.
  4. After 34 tips, horse racing tipster gorey is back in profit and on a decent run.  The 550 units we’ve seen him pick up recently has certainly helped and we’ll keep an eye on this tipster to see if this momentum can be maintained.
  5. One of the things we look out for is a tipster that can stop a losing run in its tracks or can manage the losses so they never get too big.  Unfortunately this looks like a skill Allessio still has to learn as he recovers from a massive dip that has set him back a considerable amount.  If this tipster wants to stand out then he should also consider writing something other than a set text as his analysis.
  6. Another tipster that has seen a couple of big dips is Rangel, with 461 units of profit from their last 7 tips and a 71.43% hit rate they have been on a bit of a run.  The question remains, will they be able to keep it up.
  7. With only 3 tips placed in his trial so far, football tipster Drakh has a long way to go.  I like what I’ve seen from these early tips though.  Good analysis and a strong hit rate add up to good things.
  8. Whilst paceform-sprint may need a new username their way of working seems to be doing them proud so far. With 12 tips placed over the last week or so and a profit of 423.46 units, we can’t say this isn’t a tipster without promise.
  9. L1n0 may have had a good recent run but that is not indicative of their trial so far.  The 236 tips we’ve seen from them has led mostly to losses and whilst we applaud their commitment they should also look to find any flaws in their selection process.
  10. CHOSEN ONE CY gets another mention in a Tipster Academy update and with 348.1 units of profit from 41 tips, they have certainly been busy.  They do need to watch out for low odds selections though.  Our clients don’t like to see tips below 1.5-1.6.