Tipster Academy Update 01/05/2014

30/04/2014 96 tipsters across 7 sports. 163 Proofed Tips from 190 tips in total. Tipsters:

  1. CrazyBets976 hasn’t featured in one of these updates before but with 375 units of profit in a single day, they certainly deserve their mention today.
  2. Punters Friend may have only sent out one proofed tip yesterday (which lost) but their unproofed tip, which has now been validated, pushed their profit up to a point where they could reach second place in todays rankings.  They finished up with a profit of 310 units for the day.
  3. Vincenzo Malte gets their second mention in these updates and with 270 units of profit from yesterdays selections the get themselves into third place for the days results.
  4. GF Betting is becoming a bit of a regular in these pages and it will be interesting to see how they fare in the monthly review (coming up later today).  Yesterday they picked up 256 units of profit from their 3 selections.
  5. manga92 only made one selection yesterday and with their choice in the Champions League picking them up 250 units of profit I’m sure they loved it when Atletico Madrid won the match yesterday.  I’m going to be honest though, the analysis needs to be improved.
  6. When Dr. House went for over 2.5 goals in the Chelsea v Atletico Madrid game I didn’t give them a lot of chance of making any money on that one.  Dr. House was the one that came out laughing though as the game ended up a lot more open than previously expected.  With a total of 4 bets on the day and 3 wins, the good Dr. ended up with 213.8 units of profit.
  7. Whilst a lot of people focused on the Champions League game, Elena set their sights elsewhere and made a selection in the German Oberliga, it paid off with 188 units of profit from a 100 unit bet.
  8. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  9. gorey has been on a good run lately but they are going to need to see a few more good days before they get back into profit.  I think this tipster may have something though as their analysis is very good.  If they can get the results to match, they will be just fine.
  10. SlevinTips gets their first ever mention in these updates and they only just squeezed in, we had to remove one tipster from the list because we just couldn’t verify the odds they had advised.  With 8.83% yield on their trial so far it doesn’t look as though they will be able to pass the trial at 100 tips.  That’s no reason to give up though,  success is often better defined by long time results and if SlevinTips can get their results up a little bit then maybe we will be taking a longer look at this tipster further down the line.
We’ll be sorting out the monthly results later today so keep your eyes open for that.]]>