BetAdvisor Update 11/03/2014

I received an email from Andrea Rossi this morning where he indicated that he would like to leave the site, so I’ll be spending the day contacting his clients and figuring out their next step with them.  It’s a shame as Andrea despite a strong start, Andrea has never really grabbed our clients attention and his overall results have not matched his trial results which is probably why he didn’t pick up many clients. We don’t have a quota to fill in terms of the number of tipsters on the site at any one time, we’re always on the lookout for potential new tipsters and that’s why we created Tipster Academy, as a way of identifying and proofing new tipsters. There will be new tipsters that come in as we judge them to be ready and there will be other tipsters that leave as they decide that they wish to move onto new things or we decide that their results no longer merit a place on BetAdvisor. I want to make it clear that we do not remove a tipsters record from our overall results to make things look better, their profile and record stays on the site, we just don’t include a link to them and we don’t include them in our rankings as they are no longer available for subscription.  When I talk about results over the rest of this month, that will include the results that Andrea has provided.  Our aim is to be as trasnparent as possible in our dealings with clients and tipsters alike. If you wish to discuss this or any other topic, please contact us or click on the link below to arrange a time when we can call you.