SMS on your computer (for Android users)

Let’s make this clear, this is not a sponsored post, we have not been paid in any way to discuss this app/plug-in so we have no ulterior motive other than to help everyone out. The app in question is named MightyText and there is a companion plug-in (I use it on the Chrome browser) that allows you to see your sms alerts “pop-up” in the corner of your screen whenever you receive a text message on your android phone.  This is extremely useful as it means I no longer have to keep an eye on my phone for whenever a tipster releases his tip.  Instead it pops up in the corner of my screen and stays there just about long enough for me to get the information I need. There are other options (like sending via your phone that you typed out on your computer) but in terms of their value to your betting, I’d say they are negligible. I’ve tried to find an iPhone alternative but short of jailbreaking your phone (not something I’d advise) I’m yet to find an app that does the same thing. Have a go and let me know what you think int he comments section below.]]>