BetAdvisor Update 23/04/2014

It was a very good day for clients with James Tucker.  He’s been having a rough month and he turned that around yesterday with a stonking bet that picked up 390 units of profit.  Even with his other selection of the day bringing his day of profit down a little it took him into profit for the entire month in one fell swoop. Jeremy Price also had a good day, he added to his winnings with another 100 units of profit.  He only placed one selection the entire day but that was enough for him as it won. Arie Hordman took his account into profit for the month as he picked up 65.6 units from his single selection.  Joao Gomez wasn’t far behind with 64.2 units. Florin Groza justified our faith in him (we chose his tip for our Tuesday Twitter Tip), winning his only selection of the day and picking up another 63.2 units.  That takes him up to 91.8 units for the month and completes a good turnaround from his struggles earlier in April. Small losses were seen elsewhere but nothing too devastating. We’ll be back tomorrow with another review.]]>