Top 4 Crazy Prop Bets That Were Actually Offered

We all know that prop bets can be super exciting, allowing you to bet on almost anything within a given game or sports event. Whether you’re betting on who’ll win a coin toss, how long the anthem will be, or how many assists and points a player will have, the options are almost unlimited.

That said, sometimes big sites like UFABET offer prop bets so crazy that they border on the unbelievable. Going through the list of the most unimaginable prop bets offered in the past, we’ve separated a handful that will pique your attention. So let’s dive into the top four craziest bets that were actually offered.

4. Area 51 Prop Bets

A couple of years ago, an innocent online meme raised significant attention and quickly grew into a movement planning to raid Area 51. Although this never happened, it seemed that it would at some point. Moreover, over two million people on Facebook confirmed they were going to the raid.

Of course, bookmakers saw an opportunity and jumped on this trend by offering some of the craziest prop bets we’ve ever seen. Bettors could wager on whether Area 51 will be raided, marking the “no” prop bet as a heavy favorite.

Another popular prop bet during this event was whether the security would be breached or whether the people would be stopped. However, some bookies were offering staggering odds of 500,000 on this, meaning that no one really expected this to happen.

In the end, only about two thousand people showed up to the raid, quickly becoming a large-scale party instead of a breach attempt. Still, those who bet on the over/under on how many people would attend certainly took home a nice win.

3. Crazy Super Bowl Comeback

The NFL has been known for some of the most outlandish Super Bowl bets in the history of sports betting. For example, you could bet who would be shown first during the national anthem, what color the liquid poured on the winning coach would be, and many other quirky prop bets.

But, one prop bet at the LII Super Bowl takes the cake. This is because this was not only a prop bet but also a parlay. More precisely, during this game, Tom Brady needed to throw an interception on his first pass, plus there had to be zero touchdowns in the first half.

Seemingly unbelievable, which is why the odds on this prop bet were well over 500. However, this is what exactly happened to the letter, and at least one documented lucky sports bettor accepted this prop bet and took home a nice payday.

2. Betting on the Pope

While you might think that betting on the Pope is silly, this prop bet was actually a real thing, available year-round. This bet is a sort of a futures bet as well, as it revolves around bettors predicting who the next Pope will be.

This is certainly one of the weirdest and most unusual bets you can place. Moreover, it doesn’t have a set date like most other prop bets we’ve discussed. The sitting Pope doesn’t have a term, so the only way a new Pope will come forward is if the current Pope steps down or passes away.

Still, when betting on who you think will be the next Pope, you have a wide variety of options. This is because you’re allowed to bet on real Catholic Cardinals but can also bet on celebrities at some betting sites just for fun. Of course, doing so is not a very smart betting decision. Surprisingly enough, these bets were very popular with the best UK betting sites.

1. Almost Anything on Donald Trump

After losing the election against Joe Biden, Donald Trump fell slightly off the limelight. But, before that, he was one of the biggest attractions in the prop betting world. As one of the most controversial and turbulent personalities ever to take the White House office, Trump was very popular to bet on, even more during the 2020 elections than during 2016.

Some of the more tame prop bets include markets like “Trump to win a state not won in 2016” and “Trump to lose the popular vote but get re-elected”. Going further down the crazy list, you could find prop bets like “Trump to officially pardon himself”.

Lastly, some betting sites even offered “Trump to be sitting president in 2025 in his third term”.

As you see, you can find all kinds of crazy prop bets, and we think this only makes betting more interesting.