Super Bowl 56: The Ultimate 2022 Super Bowl Prop Bets Guide

Photo by KeithJJ from Pixabay

The Super Bowl is a major sports event for many reasons, and betting is one. The high stakes, good returns, thrilling matches, and exciting finishes make this event a must-watch.

Props betting is another way of getting involved. This year Super Bowl LVI will take place at SoFi stadium in LA between the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, which is expected to be a high voltage contest.

Rams are on their home ground, and with the Bengals coming in with a major win over the Chiefs, the stakes will be high. So what opportunities lie this time?

In sports betting, a proposition bet is a wager that’s not tied to the outcome or score.

There are many different types of prop bets, from how many yards a quarterback will pass to which team will reach 20 points first. Any prediction other than the point spread, total, and money line can be considered a prop bet, such as who will score the first touchdown, the coin toss result, and more.

There’s nothing like props for adding an additional level of excitement to a game.

Types of props bet

Player props

It can be anything related to player statistics or the outcome of a game. In games, such as the Super Bowl, there are more player prop markets offered.

Super Bowl prop bets can involve things like which team will score two touchdowns, whose pass will be caught first, whose catch will be 22 yards or longer, and so much more.

Game props

On Super Bowl Sunday, there are hundreds of game props depicting almost every play and event during the game.

Here are a few game props you’ll see at every regular-season NFL game:

  • Over/under longest touchdown and what yards
  • Who will score first?
  • Who will reach 10 points first?

Novelty props

Super Bowl and other mega events are the only times when novelty props are used. Their distinctive feature is that they take place outside of the actual game – only peripherally. For example:

  • Who will win the coin toss?
  • How will the winning coach’s Gatorade bath be colored?
  • What’s the duration of the National Anthem?
  • How will the coach’s shirt be colored?

Prop bets on the Super Bowl involve different possible outcomes. In addition to prop odds, bettors can find margin-of-victory stakes listed in “table” form on the favorite’s and underdog’s margin of victory. In contrast to a point spread, those betting on an exact-outcome line win if everything works out the way they expect.

Another type of prop bet is when only the most determined experts take a shot at becoming a winner. The proposition odds are available based on, for example, whether the final score will be odd or even. So the score 24-21 (45 total points) wins when it’s odd and when the score is 30-14 (44 total points) wins when it’s even.

Why would you bet on props?

For two primary reasons, one is to stay connected and involved, and the second reason is that it is easy to win.

Once you have a player or game prop bet, involved throughout and hope for that action to happen. And with little research and calculation, you can place better props, and betting limits are low as well. Your biggest advantage over the sportsbook is that you aren’t required to take every bet, but the sportsbook does (at least, they are supposed to). It’s easier to beat the books if you specialize in a specific prop because they can’t get hundreds of lines as accurately as you can get one or two.

Photo by KeithJJ from Pixabay