Lane Kiffin and COVID-19: How Will This Impact Ole Miss Performance?

Coach Lane Kiffin will not be available for the “Ole Miss” season-opening matchup against Louisville on Monday. After feeling unwell on Thursday, the second-year Rebels coach revealed on Saturday that he had come back positive for COVID-19. As a result, he will neither coach against the Cardinals nor accompany them to Atlanta. So, what does this mean for Ole Miss? It remains to be seen what impact Kiffin’s departure has on the squad if any. He has yet to designate an assistant coach for the team’s matchup with Louisville.

According to the management, the group meets will happen up to gameday to go through every situation conceivable, and the coaching team will be there. Everyone will have a part to play and will be able to start up where they left off. That is how they will interact with the authorities. Their guys have had extensive training in such scenarios and know just what to do. As a result, they’ll do it without the coach.

What Happened to Coach Lane Kiffin?

Despite getting the vaccination, Kiffin started having problems on Thursday, and a quick diagnostic test revealed he had the viral disease, according to reports. The COVID-19 vaccination decreases the risk of contracting the coronavirus. However, it does not render an individual resistant to it. It does, nevertheless, enhance the chances of milder symptoms while lowering the risk of transference. Kiffin had received the vaccine in the previous months. Ole Miss does, in fact, have a 100% vaccination rate.

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