Why are Stake’s monthly bonuses so interesting and how to claim them?

Not all gambling websites are the same, especially when it comes down to the bonuses they offer. Some sites want to be more interesting than their competitors, which is why they provide a unique selection of rewards. So, once you learn how to claim the monthly bonus on Stake.com and what it provides, you will see why so many people are interested in the cryptocurrency casino.

Stake is in a league of its own and is one of the world’s leading online casinos for cryptocurrency betting. Needless to say, this attracts a lot of gamblers who are eager to test it. Once they reveal all of the payment solutions and amazing games, they also notice that the site has many promotions, including monthly offers. The latter is slightly different than the rest, so let’s learn more about them and see what to expect.

What is the monthly bonus from Stake?

Stake’s monthly bonus is a special reward that allows VIP users to get even more while playing. Speaking of the devil, Stake’s VIP program is notorious for rewarding existing players with different perks. They can obtain a variety of rewards, including those things.

What’s interesting about the monthly rewards is that they’re based on different things. Besides your current VIP level, Stake also considers the amount of money you’ve earned. In other words, people who wager more money will get a more substantial reward.

How to get the promotion?

Stake’s reward for the given month is provided to people with a specific VIP status. In terms of the reward, it depends on how mnuch they’ve bet in the last 30 days. What makes this promo different from the rest is that Stake won’t add any specific deposit restriction, and you do not need to worry about any wagering limitations. 

A crucial things to remember about this reward is that VIP members must adhere to Stake’s T&C in order to test it. On top of that, gamblers must have a legit email that they have to verify. To put it another way, do not sign up with a fake email because you won’t have the chance to use this proposition. The size of the online gambling industry in the U.S. and other countries is pretty big, so people often use fake emails because they want to play right away.

If you adhere to all of these rules, you should check your email on a regularis basis. If everything is okay, Stake will send you a mail at least once per month, and it will contain more information about the promo and how to get it.

Important things to keep in mind

As mentioned, the monthly bonus from Stake is based on the your level in the VIP club, and how much you’ve sned in the last 30 days. By implementing those roles, Stake stimulate people to use its platform because they will get a better perk. Stake uses a special formula to distribute its monthly prize, but those who play more will always get a more interesting price than the rest. 

Aside from the proposal for each month, Stake has an additional system for reload bonuses. What sets it apart from the rest is that it is divided into different intervals. Interestingly, users can get it once daily, every hour, or once in 10 minutes.

Another thing that Stake might grant you access to is a one-time cupon for reload bonuses. Interestingly, it works just like most other bonuses that require a deposit. However, you must go through the T&C before putting it to thet est because there might be some limitations.


Even though Stake’s proposals for the month are impressive, the iGaming website has many other propositions that users can try out. In fact, the operator is notorious for offering a wide range of temporary perks for casino and sportsbooks. Each perk has its rules, so make sure to read them.