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SSC Napoli v Torino

SSC Napoli v Torino Football Club in the Serie A TIM – We have a Free Tip for you right HERE from tipster Charlie Bryson

“Napoli is welcoming Toro in first game of new year.Napoli is performing well in this season,but their objective is surely to win Seria A ,what is their real possiblity,with strong team they have.I love style of Sarri,and he loves atacking football,so its always easily to bet on the coaches style than everything else.Their atack is probably strongest in Italy (with Juve) and their defence is not the best one in near top 3 …thats the reason of their search for ideal cb (stories about Maksimovic,from Torino ,he will probably join in Naples in this transfer window) so atacking power with decent defence is good way to bett on over…Toro is one of the biggest underperformers….they have strong team,but mentaly obivisuly not the best…Quagliarella and Belloti probably will start,and first one is on goallacking crisis,so he will be one of my choices for goalscoreres, (3.50 )-because he is quality one ,and he will score in next 3 games for sure! Other players are Bennassi and Basseli,midfield duo ,who can score from longe range,and full backs are fine,atacking oriented,so they can concede here 4 ,and they can score twice ! But -my real result will be 3:1 !”