MSV Duisburg v SC Paderborn 07 e.V Free Football Tip

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MSV Duisburg v SC Paderborn

Today’s next Free Tip comes from the Bundesliga 2, its MSV Duisburg v SC Paderborn 07 e.V from our football tipster Socceroo.

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“GER , 2. Bundesliga

Well monday night match 2 teams with big problems and wont be a top class match at all. 

Actually we still have to bet against Duisburg like in recent rounds, team has no confidence and in really poor form since promotion . 9 matches without a win 0-2-7 and lost last 4 matches , 3 without scoring a goal and in 3 conceeded at least 2 goals. Bad attack with just 7 goals scored, but have some good players like Onuegbu , Janjic or Iljutchenko but all not in form, Janjic injured atm. 

Last 2 matches 8 goals conceeded, bad geeper allready 23 goals conceeded and very slow defenders at all. They simply dont have good quality in defense and look mostly very sloppy and to slow + lot of individual mistakes. 

New nigerian player Obinna + Holland are big hope in midfield, wing with Dausch + Grote also with some spee, also Onuegbu with his stamina could be dangerous. But defense is still a big mess here.

Both teams personal problems
Duisburg also big personal problems all season, for today 8 players missing. 

Today following players missing: 

Bomheuer (Nasenbeinbruch), Poggenberg (Schienbeinbruch), Albutat (Rotsperre), Hajri (Knöchelverletzung), Janjic (Wadenfissur), Wiegel (Kreuzbandriss), S. Brandstetter (Knöchelbruch), Bröker (Eingriff am Rücken)

SC Paderborn 07: 
Bertels (Trainingsrückstand), Bickel (Außenband-Anriss im Knie), Kirch (Muskelfaserriss), Lakic (Rotsperre)

Todays lineups: 

Ratajczak – Feltscher, Meißner, Bajic, Wolze – Dausch, Holland – Scheidhauer, Obinna, St. Bohl – Onuegbu

L. Kruse – M. Ndjeng, Hoheneder, Wahl, Brückner – Wydra, Bakalorz – Vucinovic, Stöger, Ouali – Proschwitz

Based on quality Paderborn should be big favourite today, but also bad form so far and lot of not convincing matches. Offensw with Bakalorz, Stöger , Ouali und Proschwitz should be able to deliver goals. 

Could also be draw here as paderborn was not effective so far. Fair line is AHC-0, 5 , Paderborn 2-1-6 so far 5: 16 goals , big problem is attack here as you can see but improved lately their defense and look more stable. 2: 0 win over KSC , 0: 3 at Fürth was poor performance and 0: 0 against Pauli at home was good performance. So lot of up and downs , but should be favourite here and this odds should be taken tonight. 

Both coaches under pressure and with lost today could be sacked, specially at Duisburg who are still without a win , if they lose again i am pretty sure they will sack coach Lettieri during 2 week break. 

AHC -0, 25 Paderborn !”