Active Tipsters in the Summer

Horse Racing Horse racing will continue throughout the summer with the flat season kicking into high gear.  Many of our tipsters have expressed their delight at the move away from the jumps season and see this time of the year as a strong area for profits.


With competitions running throughout the summer, our basketball tipsters will be kept busy with the EuroLeague and various European youth championships.


Why so sad, Mr. Fuzz?Tennis will also continue throughout the summer, over may, June & July we will see the tournaments rotate through Roma and Paris, before going onto the tennis calendars highlight of the summer, Wimbledon. Our tipsters love these big competitions as there is always some potential for break through talents and those with a keen eye on the game will be looking for the upsets and for the real talent to progress into the latter stages.


With the Super XV running throughout the summer and both the England side and the British Lions on tour, there will be plenty of matches to keep our rugby tipsters busy.  The IRB Pacific Nations Cup may also spark some interest.

Ice Hockey

Our sole Ice Hockey tipster, Arie Hordman, will be active right up until the end of the NHL season in July, at that point he expects to take a short break and recharge his batteries, returning in August.


The Baseball season runs right through to October so there will be plenty of action for our tipsters to get their teeth into.


footballWith the Scandinavian football season continuing and also football in South America, there should be plenty of games to keep everyone interested.  Also, we’ll see the Confederations Cup taking place in Brazil.  Spain, Japan, Mexico, Uruguay, Tahiti, Italy & Nigeria will all join hosts Brazil in the traditional “dry run” for the World Cup. These are the tipsters that have indicated they will be active throughout the summer. Daniel Larsen Jorge Aragundy Simeone Tassini – Will be taking a break from early June to 10th July. Miro Stanescu Dmitry Gocaswki – Will be taking a break in July but active until then. Mihai Elciu – Will be taking a break in July but active until then. Chris Tomas Joao Gomez Christopher Silenos – Has outlined his plans for the summer in this article.   I hope that has helped you set some of your own plans for the summer, enjoy any holiday you take and don’t forget to take advantage of the pause system to protect the subscriptions you have whilst you’re away Calm Beauty in Turks & Caicos  ]]>