Math and Magic Coins

Heads or tails ? Let’s play. I offer you 1,85 odds, you chose. At the first look it might be an attractive proposition, you can earn 85% in one try. Of course this is only an illusion, because I will be the winner long term. You have 50% chance for a success in each try and odds which I offer are two low to make you long term profit. Let’s say you made 10 tries and put 100 units each time, score was 5 heads and 5 tails, you just lost 75 units: (5*85) – (5*100) = -75 (-7,5%) A magic coin. Let’s imagine you have a magic coin. If you throw this coin 10 times, the score will be 6 heads and 4 tails each time. I guess it sounds attractive 🙂 You offer me a game with the same odds 1,85 and we agree you throw a coin 10 times and chose heads each time. It would be a great deal for you. Same stake 100 units: (6*85) – (4*100) = + 110 (+11%) How often ? This is the question which you should ask yourself each time making putting a bet. Remember the main rule in betting: probability x odds > 1 = future profit Let’s say you put a bet with odds 1,8. How often you have to be right here to be break even (A) or to earn 8% (B) in the distance ? You have to do a simple math: profit in the distance / odds = probability you need (A) 1 / 1,8 = 55,55 % (B) 1,08 / 1,8 = 60% Where are the magic coins ? Well, this is a key question. Traders, who work for sportbooks try to set odds which will be correct, refer to probability and they cut them down by putting a margin. So in theory if they were correct each time we could not make a consistent profit (we would lose this margin). But traders are only people and they make mistakes like all of us. From my experience I estimate that traders make mistakes about 12-15% of the time. Is it a large number ? Well, if you play only one league which has 15 matches in a week you will probably not have many opportunites for correct bets, but if you monitor more leagues you will have more earning possibilities in the distance. The second part of bettor’s income will come from the mistakes of other bettors. Other bettors, by placing their bets, change the lines and odds. If they are wrong they will make a value position for your bet. That’s why successful bettors also observe the lines and odds movements and they take the action if they estimate that they have value. Remember betting is a long term investment, this is not a black-red roulette. If you want to be successful you have to work hard and be patient. You have to make your homework, gain experience and knowledge and if you do your job correctly you will find many magic coins. Thank you, all the best for you and Good Luck,  ]]>