The best tipsters in February 2020

Dmytro Lisovskyi and Alex Campbell are the best tipsters in February 2020

February was a very favourable month for our football tipster. The top 6 positions in the general table are the prerogative of football experts, while from the seventh position to the tenth follow 4 horse racing tipster: Pro Racing Tips, Edward Campbell, Aiden Monroe and Turf.

Dmytro Lisovskyi is a recently online tipster, March 2020 is only his third month on the platform and he usually sends many, perhaps too many, predictions so far between 450 and 500 per month. The performance achieved in February was remarkable: +3778 units with a yield of 8.42%. It currently has just over 1000 predictions at around 4% yield. The only reference bookmaker he uses to provide his odds is Pinnaclesports. Lisovskyi has quite mixed statistics, he is so far a loser in the Asian handicap markets and obtains a large part of his margin on the over-under market, however losing a lot in the over-under teams. It has a negative performance in all the countries where it offers the most predictions: United Kingdom (79), Netherlands (76), Germany (64), Spain (61), Italy (58). We see the first plus sign for France, where it has so far sent 60 tips. This data shows us that this tipster, to define his strategy, focuses more on mathematical models, than on real knowledge of the championships. The analysis of the average altitude range offered is also not very promising, Lisovskyi, loses between 1.50 and 3.00. February may have been the result of a positive variance for this tipster, who still has a few months behind him to be considered solid and reliable. It has an average odds at the time of 3.01. Its cost is 29 euros for a monthly subscription.

Another novice tipster is Alex Campbell. For him, even overall we only have 91 tips currently on the platform. It closed February with an incredible +2956 and + 36.95% yield in 80 predictions, guaranteeing a place in this section. For now, its reference markets are match odds and over/under and it is obtaining positive numbers in all share ranges. The geographical space relating to its competence has varied: in fact, there are already more than 30 countries involved. The bookmaker that uses the most is Bet365. Being a first-time tipster, any judgment at the moment would be premature, but it started great and if it continues like this it will be an eye. Its average odds are 2.45. Its cost is 79 euros for a monthly subscription.

On the third step of the podium of February 2020, among the Betadvisor tipster, we find Running. His statistics are interesting, in total he currently has 5.21% yield after 1442 predictions and he closed with 2361 profit units in February. So far, out of a total of 9 months online, it has achieved a positive margin in 7. It draws from many different countries and plays only the main markets: Asian handicap, match odds, over/under and lay on Matchbook. For its odds, it almost always refers to 1xBet, Bwin and Bet365. Its cost is 99 euros for a monthly subscription. It has an average odds of 2.44 and is the most expensive of the football tipster in February.

Profile very similar to Alex Campbell is that of Michael Knight, who with 2280 units closed the month of February in fourth place on Betadvisor. Even for him, we have very few predictions so far, just 76 and only 3 months of activity. We have very few elements to get out of balance, its best market is the match odds and the most popular bookmaker is Bet365. The average odds have so far been 2.46. Its cost is 59 euros for a monthly subscription.

Alexander ranks fifth in the standings, also a tipster with few active tips: 96. He ended February very well with +2094 and 25% yield in 83 predictions. He prefers Asian bookmakers, a very important factor for his reference odds, using Sbobet and Pinnaclesports. Markets are also liquid: Asian handicap, match odds and over/under. It is in its infancy but the approach used so far is the right one, to be followed carefully, average odds at the moment: 2.10. Its cost is 79 euros for a monthly subscription.

The last tipster that we mention for February 2020 is another junior, Ricardo Jose. For him, the past month was even the first. Debut to be framed with +1885 units, almost 37% of yield in 51 predictions. He has a well-defined strategy: he only plays over-under between odds 1.75 and 3.00 using with the reference bookmaker 1xBet and Pinnaclesports. Average odds 1.99 and its monthly subscription cost is 29 euros. In my opinion, he is a very interesting tipster who can certainly do well in the future.

In conclusion

Among the 4 horse racing tipsters named, Aiden Monroe and Edward Campbell deserve a special mention, the first in particular being the most profitable tipster on Betadvisor with a result of +43845 units, 16.56% yield in 3322 predictions. The cost of Aiden Monroe is 99 euros and we recommend it 100%. Among the emerging in football, Ricardo Jose is a good bet, Alexander is also a tipster who inspires confidence. Joshua Smith, second in the rankings in January 2020, also closed in February with +1097 units and around 16% yield, has a cost of 119 euros and still seems to be an excellent tipster to rely on.

We will see how our tipster will behave in March, hoping that the dreaded Coronavirus, COVID-19, will not cause excessive problems and postponements in sports competitions. In Italy, for example, Serie A has decided to continue the championship without an audience. And some of the upcoming Champions League games won’t take place with spectators in the stands.