Signature Racing Tips Interview

Q. How would you describe your early punting career and your progress through to profitable betting?

In truth the vast majority of my early days staking was purely for leisure and enjoyment purposes. I have always been involved and aware of horse racing as for as long as I can remember my father has been involved with horse racing analysis and studying. Therefore it was inevitable that I would become involved at some point down the line.

Initially I was working a normal office occupation and experienced the problem that most people find with achieving positive returns from horse racing, is the fact that they simply do not have sufficient time to analyse and study racehorses as a direct result of their work responsibilities, and therefore cannot turn a few winning selections into the kind of strike rate that you need to make this a profession.

It was agreed that for me to turn professional that I would need to learn and make mistakes for myself in order to truly understand racehorse selection, betting pool and staking plans. I certainly used my father as a valuable point of reference but in order to return a consistent monthly income you have to learn this for yourself.

This is where tipsters can really help people who have daily commitments that prevent them for achieving the kind of returns that they require, as we have the sufficient time and knowledge to obtain the suitable selections.

Q. Can you give a clearer picture of some of the mistakes you made in your early pro days?

MistakesThere were mistakes made in the beginning and these were thankfully only when staking relatively low amounts in comparison, but were essential in helping us achieve the correct approach and set up of our sports investment venture. The main points that spring to mind are with regards staking plans and betting pool.

Once you begin your sports investment you allot a betting pool that will provide you with a specific amount of stakes per point. The main mistake that we made and I am sure others will have, is that as you progress and you see your pool grow, you quickly realise that maybe your betting pool is probably oversized and therefore you can reduce the number of points within your pool by increasing the amount staked per point. The problem comes when in horse racing you can be on the resulting end of a vast amount of close 2nd places and placings, which will have a direct effect on your betting pool.

By reducing the amount of points available you are not only leaving your investment in a less viable position but also placing yourself under an extreme amount of pressure that no one needs. I can remember this early doors and it is the biggest lesson that I have ever learned through sports investment, is that you have to enjoy it for it to be successful. By trying to achieve high returns too quickly will almost certainly have a negative effect.

One other mistake that can be made is that people do not know how to lose and react in a very negative way. Thankfully we got over this item very quickly but in any sports investment, you will have to incur some losers. The key is to remembering the overall end target, which is returning a profit from your sports investment. By chasing winners through not controlling your emotions you run the real risk of losing large chunks of your betting pool.

Q. Do you manage to still get your bets on?

At present we are still in a position to bet freely with all leading bookmakers and exchanges. Obviously our aim is to grow and progress Signature Racing Tips to such a point that through our combined success in this field, that restrictions will be enforced on our waging. Once this occurs we will simply advise on using betting exchanges to take our combined sports investment venture forward, as they take a commission based on your stake and will not restrict your bet.

Q. Describe a typical day from a betting / race analysis point of view

From a tipster point of view our betting/race analysis for the day begins the day previous. We ensure that all of the work is undertaken the day previous to ensure that by close of play that we are in the position to either have a racing forecast/pick or whether we have determined that the standard of horse racing is not to what we require.

As tipsters we have to ensure that we get our information issued to our members as soon as possible on the morning of the race, to ensure that the best possible early prices are achieved and therefore the highest overall profits are returned. If we left analysis to the day of the race then this would leave our subscribers vulnerable to reduced value with the odds available.

Also as a tipster we have to have a specific approach to our selections that we provide. We always remain mindful that we are playing so to speak with our subscriber’s hard earned money and therefore for each selection that we provide, the amount of intense analysis that has to go into this is quite simply excessive to say the least. On average each week we will be looking at undertaking around 78 hours in analysis, which demonstrates how serious we take our position as professional and responsible tipsters.

The way we look at our tipster service as a whole is with the view that for us to be successful so do our subscribers. Therefore if we can ensure that our valued members receive information that returns end profits from their sports investment, then this will be the key factor to all of our success.

Q. What are the betting tools that you utilise to analyse a match/race?

Obviously we won’t divulge how exactly we decide upon a selection but what we can say is that we do not use rating systems nor do we simply follow certain stables or rely on word of mouth from stables. We own a huge amount of knowledge that we use to specify certain targets and we have demonstrated that this approach will not only reap outstanding returns through times of high strike rate, but will also hold its own through rare periods of lower strike rates.

Q. Faced with a punter/bettor wanting to break into long term profitable betting, what advice would you give?

As previous our advice would be that in order to be successful in this sector, you have to enjoy what you are doing. It really is no good being under pressure through both high stakes and small betting pools. All this leads to is wavering of selection methods and makes people panic and make rash decisions, which will most certainly result in a loss of earnings.

Also one other piece of advice is to approach this as purely an investment process. Don’t get too hung up on prices as any winning short price will certainly return a far greater return on investment than any bank can offer. Also be realistic and don’t chase huge profits through small takes. Approach this as a long term investment and you will make a profitable return.

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