Andrei Nitu Interview

After being away for a year and a half, today BetAdvisor announces the return of Andrei Nitu among our tipsters. With a profit of over +11000 units acquired after many years of hard work specialising in basketball, Andrei has published nearly 1500 tips with an average odds of 1.96 and a success rate higher than 55%.

Andrei has for a long while been one of BetAdvisor’s best tipsters and is certainly one of the most world renowned. He has an impressive track record of 16 consecutive winning months in a row.

Specialising in tips on Handicap and Over/under, markets which have guaranteed him the majority of his results, Andrei is a solid and consistent tipster, capable of providing a service which has always been really appreciated by his clients.

Andrei, we don’t want to be rude with our questions…

Don’t worry, go ahead

Why did you stop working with BetAdvisor?

I received an offer from a group of private investors and I thought it was a good thing to change for a while. I was also unhappy with the direction BetAdvisor was taking at the time and it seemed like the right point to branch out on my own.

What made you come back?

Firstly the change in ownership of I have known the new owner for a few years and I know he has consolidated experience in the betting industry, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Secondly, I have seen a different approach with the tipsters and the projects you are currently working on have convinced me to be part of the team again.

What is the best and the worst part of being a tipster?

Obviously winning is always thrilling. Knowing that I managed to help lots of people win money makes me happier than just winning. The worst part is obviously when a tip doesn’t come in or when you go through a losing patch. Only those with experience in the tipster’s and betting world know that a negative period can also occur but it takes patience and tenacity to overcome it, without getting caught up in despair or anxiety to produce results in very tight deadlines.

Will you give more tips on Handicap markets or others?

I do not make differences in strategy. Where I see an opportunity, I chase it.