BetAdvisor Tipster Interview – Sportyy

Daniel, you are one of the best tennis tipsters known in the industry. Where did you learn about Tennis?

I have always liked Tennis, both watching it on TV and playing. And it was nearly 10 years ago when I started betting on Tennis.

Your performances are amazing, what can you tell us about your strategy/methods to achieve such results ?

I like this sentence “Just worry about looking for value and results will come”. I always try to detect value, not figuring out who is going to be the winner of a match.  I like to analyze what is the market not considering, totally or partially. If I think the same that the market, I can win or lose, but that is not a value pick in the long term so I don’t bet.

Who, in your opinion, will be the top 3 ATP and WTA players before the end of August ?

Men: 1. Djokovic, 2. Nadal 3. Federer

BetAdvisor Tennis tipster

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