Tipster Monthly Report

Football No real surprise for who has been our top football tipster this month, Peter Fields has been one of the best tipsters overall this month and has had a steady month during a period when many other tipsters have struggled to rack up big numbers. The very nature of football betting means that there aren’t going to be any huge bets or wins, Peters biggest was an Asian handicap bet in the Werder Bremen v Hertha BSC match at odds of 2.26, the real test is in picking out winning bets that consistently make decent profits, Peter manages to do this across a range of leagues and has concentrated on Asian handicap bets this month, as he does generally. I’m not going to get into the stats here, you can check those out yourself by checking out his profile page but if you are interested in picking up a subscription to Peter, you better do it quickly as his account will be closed to new subscribers over the weekend.

Horse Racing

An unheralded tipster has managed to get my vote in the horse racing category, The Sportsman Racing had competition from Micky Biggs who had a huge win this month and Sergio Figue who has had a good time with his lay bets but I thought that if you look at consistency overall, The Sportsman Racing comes out top for me. Taking a look at the profit levels, The Sportsman Racing is in an artificially low position, stakes have been kept deliberately low but if you were to scale up the stakes in line with other horse racing tipsters in this section, the profit levels look very impressive and when you factor in the consistency, The Sportsman Racing is a service that should be looked at by every serious bettor in my opinion.


With seven wins out of 14, a 50% hit rate with selections at good odds have placed Sportyy at the top of the class in the tennis section this month. Three excellent selections this month have brought in some great profit, those three bets pulled in over 230 points on their own so if you were following those, I hope you enjoyed a couple of good nights out on those. Sportyy has a background in financial management and clearly knows how to manage a betting bank so he’s really a poster boy for the BetAdvisor way.


Andrei has been as prolific as ever with an average of over 2 picks a day so if you work out the cost of a subscription on a pay per pick basis, Andrei provides as good a value as anyone. Andrei has shown that he has the ability to pick out profitbale wins in a large variety of competitions, this month he’s made selections in the WNBa, WNBA playoffs, the mens European Championship, the qualifiers for the mens EuroCup and the ladies American Championship. Basketball betting can be similar in odds ranges to football betting with the odds lower than you’ll find in other sports so you need someone who can pick out the winners more often than not, having said that, Andrei did have a go at some longer odds selections but unfortunately they didn’t come off this month.


What more can be said about the hugely popular Laurent Marty?  One of the most reliable tipsters you can find anywhere, Laurent has had his service closed for the entire month but his popularity has not lessened in the slightest. Looking beyond just this month, Laurent has had nine consecutive months and brought in fantastic profits for all his subscribers. We know that a lot of people have been waiting quite some time for his service to reopen and as we said in the newsletter this week, that wait is almost over,  if you’re on the alert list, you’ll find out very soon when the service will be opened up again.


There are no two ways about it, Sal and the other baseball tipsters have had an up and down month but it is Sal Banjac that has come out of it with the most credit in my opinion, he took a hit early on in the month but like all the best tipsters, pulled it back and has got to the end of the month with a nice chunk of profit. It just goes to prove that if you stick with a good tipster long enough, they will make you profit. With the baseball season nearing the end of it’s regular season, some may be wondering why they should sign up to Sal and the others in the baseball section but the reality is that there is still a lot of profit to be made from the play-offs and remember, if you do sign up for longer than a month, you can always switch over when the baseball season does reach it’s end, either that or wait for the next season to start in 2012.

American FootballNFL

With the NFL season still in it’s infancy, it’s been very difficult to pick a top tipster in this section, it could legitimately have been awarded to Kevin Butler or Dwayne Bryant for their contributions to the NFL section but in the end I went with consistency. Advantage Sports are picky, no doubt, in normal life this could be called a negative trait but in the betting world, you want someone who is going to pick through all their selections and choose only the best to be sent out, consistency is the name of the game here and in a relatively short season, you don’t want to be going up and down too often, just up tends to suit me best and that’s why I’m picking out Advantage Sports for a commendation on his months work.

Ice Hockey

This may be a one horse race but what a horse, ok I might be mixing metaphors across sports here but the sentiment holds true.  Tipster Syndrom is an excellent tipster, one negative month out of 8 shows how good he is, as does 7 winning tips out of his last 10 selections. There is a reason why Tipster Syndrom is in our list of “solid tipsters”, he makes profit, good profit at that, we’re looking forward to the NHL to see what he can do there as with the greater liquidity in that market, bettors should be able to get bigger stakes on and really profit from the excellent work done by Tipster Syndrom and his crew.   So there you go, my report on our top tipsters this month, check out the entire list of tipsters and let me know what you think, have I got it horribly wrong, have I overlooked an important aspect? Let us know through the comments section below.]]>