The Geert Van Elsen Service

Between 01/2008 and 06/2012 I did produce a general yield of 17.58 %, which is very high. I constantly try to improve the service… and I tried again to improve my global record by creating my own model. I wanted to use this model in addition to my own views and to avoid some ‘obvious’ mistakes. It worked well for three or four weeks but long term it was not a success. I have been in RED some months and – sadly – my general yield did decrease a lot. $5700At the start of 2013 I chose to go back to my good old winning system : My own feeling and my own views. The good results/record are back but the general yield is still a bit affected. From 01/2008 to 04/2013 I reach now 12.85 % which is still very decent. I’m particularly optimistic I can perform well again since I reached 15.88 % from 01/2013 to now. My global number of customers has decreased a bit at the end of the year 2012 but it’s perhaps not a bad thing. The Betting market is quickly affected in my leagues, particularly in the second division, a league I perform very strongly thanks to a very strong knowledge and inside information (47.93 % Yield in 2013). My customers will notice that from now that my stake will be higher on the Belgian 2nd division – usually 4% –  (30.47% yield on 76 picks thorough 5 years) than in other leagues  – Usually 2 or 3%. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="175"]tipster Geert Van Elsen Click here to see Geerts full statistics & results.[/caption]