Tipster Monthly Report – January


Football tipsterThomas Mignot came back from the winter break in good form, picking up a profit of 382.4 units from only 11 selections. With a very repectable yield of 53.11% over that period, Thomas nips in front of other successfull football tipsters Peter Fields and Geert Van Elsen and takes the crown for top football tipster for the month of January. Concentrating only in the French leagues, mostly Ligue 2 is clearly working for Thomas though the current cold weather is making life harder for him as some of the less well-off clubs are unable to get their games on because of frozen pitches. Still, topping this particular group is no mean feat with some excellent performers showing what they can do.  

Horse Racing

  Horse Racing TipsterFebruary may have started in a rough patch for Aiden,  I’m not soo sure his clients are complaining too loudly after the profit he has made them the last few months. With 4690.75 units of profit  and an 88.84% yield in January, Aiden was easily the most profitable tipster to follow. We know that some of you like to compare on a point for point basis so I sat down and did the math, taking all staking advice out of the equation, Aiden made 89.98 points, a yield of 141%, numbers that will stake up well to pretty much anyone. Even with the current rought patch, Aiden has been in incredible form the last few months and the loyalty shown by his subscribers (who just keep renewing) shows the esteem they hold him in.  


Basketball TipsterLast month I asked the question “can anyone unseat Andrei Nitu from his place at the top of the basketball table”, ok, not in those words but similar, the answer was provided by Dmitry Lebedev. Dmitry joined us from Priceform where he had previously been posting under the name of Divol, he has come over to us and been providing strong selections for the NBA, racking up a profit of 362.2 units and a yield of 16.17% over the month of January. With close to a 58% win rate in that time, it’s no surprise that Dmitry has been popular with his clients over that period, with the NBA season continuing for a while yet, we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do in the months to come.  


American Football

NFL TipsterPaul may have got his SuperBowl predictions wrong, but the rest of the month showed that he really knows how to win. We’re just trying to tie down the return dates for our NFL tipsters and then we’ll be putting them on pause until Spring training kicks in. Which means that this will be the last time we look at the American Football tipsters for a while so Paul Morris has finished the season on top. I’m sure he can’t wait for the new season to start and neither can we.  


  Rugby TipsterBen and Laurent seem to be having a right old battle trying to distinguish who is top dog in this pack. This month was a close one as well, one more winning bet could have decided it in Laurents favour, instead the crown passes on to Ben Cross once more and we start again. If you’re interested in rugby, you can’t really go wrong following either of these two, their successfull results are the product of many hours studying video tape and stats alike. With the Six Nations currently taking place, it’s a good time to be following the sport as there is quyite a bit of money spent on these matches and the bookies like to give some special offers.   So we move onto February and although it’s a short month, we’re looking for profit as ever and hopefully our tipsters across all sports will be able to bring that to you.]]>