The Merry Chistmas Offer

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OFFER. Put simply, everybody who signs up for a new subscription in the next 48 hours (starting the moment this post is published) should contact us and tell us which tipster they would like to have a free month of subscription to. The Rules The free subscription has to be the same value (or less) as the tipster you signed up to and there is one free subscription per client, that way no-one can get 15 free subscriptions by signing up to 15 tipsters one at a time!  You cannot use the free subscription to extend an existing subscription or the one you just bought. The free subscription offered is for one month only. All purchases made after 16.37 (CET) on Thursday will not be eligible. There are only 50 free subscriptions to give away and we will be updating the numbers left on our Facebook and Twitter pages so head over to one of those to keep up to date. Merry Christmas Everybody!]]>