The Undervalued Tipsters You Should Be Signing Up For

Ben Cross tipster Ben CrossI’m not going to tell you how many subscribers Ben has but I can tell you that for a guy who has been picking up money for his clients on a regular basis, he is almost criminally undervalued, especially when you look back at his history and see that between now and June last year was one of his best ever periods. That doesn’t look like being any fluke either, Ben has had a very solid couple of months and is looking good for the foreseeable future. Take a look at his overall stats and you will see what I’m talking about, this highly experienced tipster has brought in a 16% yield since joining us back in November 2011, 16%!  In 2012 you would have seen an overall yield of 12% following his tips. This is a solid tipster who is so undervalued that following his selections right now means you would have very little competition for the odds and lines he proposes, something we are aware is an issue with other tipsters. I would say that it is going to be hard to identify a tipster that is more undervalued than Ben Cross right now. 2. Greg Bailey tipster Greg BaileyI know, I’ve just said we were going to look at those outside the top 3 right?  And yes, Greg Bailey is currently sitting at number 2 in the ranking s so how can he be described as undervalued and under-subscribed?  The answer is simple, it is only since a recent change in posting times that Greg has started to show up on peoples radar, originally he was posting his selections at BetFair SP and the money being placed on his selections ended up reducing his SP and made him look like a fairly average tipster with fairly average returns. This belied the fact that his clients who signed up to his service early on were actually likely to be placing their bets at the early odds that had been available at the time Greg posted his tips.  This meant that they were getting a much higher return than was being recorded on BetAdvisor, pushing them up into a decent position whilst keeping Greg firmly in the shadows. Since Greg started placing his selections at early prices, you can see the difference, in the last 3 months he has accrued a profit of over 6000 units (just over 100 points). Even with all of that profit, people are still wary, they are taken in by how average his graph looks from his early days and so there is still a great opportunity to sign up to this incredibly profitable service before everybody else gets on board. 3. Raul Pinto tipster Raul PintoRaul has recently started to pick up some more interest but even so he is currently under-subscribed and is also one of our most consistent tipsters. He did have a rocky start for a couple of months after going online but after working through a few gremlins has turned into a highly competent and consistent tipster with recent returns equaling the very best tipsters on the site. With a solid 10% yield over his last 455 tips and an overall profit over 2000 units, this is a tipster who still doesn’t have high numbers of subscribers and it is probably his dip in form over July/August 2012 that is putting people off, those who have looked beyond that and considered his overall record have been rewarded with a tipster that provides a quality service without the competition for odds you see elsewhere. 4. Jeremy Bloom tipster Jeremy BloomAnother tipster that has started to pick up a greater level of interest, Jeremy is still a long way off having the subscriber numbers that his ability merits. Tennis is a notoriously hard sport to make selections on, many have tried and eventually struggled to the point that they have been removed from the site, perhaps it is this that is putting people off but Jeremy Bloom has been in the game for quite some time now and been with BetAdvisor since 2011. His level of experience is such that it has enabled him to end up in profit 7 out of the last 9 months and 9 out of his 13 active months. If you’d followed him from the start you would now be 2000 units richer than when you started and when you consider that Jeremy has actually been advising some low level stakes, you can probably multiply that a few times. 5. Oddsmaker tipster OddsmakerI know why Oddsmaker doesn’t have the subscriber numbers that some of the others reach, partly it’s down to the fact that he is unhappy about allowing free trials on his account, partly it’s down to the set texts he utilizes to protect his selection system but ultimately I would say that it’s down to the way his graph looks. Two bad months in July and September 2011 give his record a slightly scary look and it is things like that that put people off.  Of course those people that are put off by the first glance at his graph miss the fact that he has recovered all of those losses and any losing months since then have been handled much better. Sometimes it takes a brush with adversity for a tipster to really show their abilities and Oddsmaker has come out the other side a much stronger tipster. Oddsmaker isn’t the most effusive of tipsters, nor is he prolific (the highest number of tips he produced in a single month last year was 30) but he is profitable, he’s made a profit every year he’s been with us and looks to be continuing that again this year. This is an experienced tipster who is seriously undervalued despite his experience and success. We’ll keep trying to persuade Oddsmaker to allow a limited number of trialists to his service but in the meantime don’t let that put you off looking at what he provides and whether he could be providing a service that might be right for you.   Have we missed anyone out?  Are there any other hidden gems that you think we should be highlighting on this blog?  Let us know by giving your feedback in the comments section below.]]>