Tipster Monthly Report – November


Football tipsterJorge doesn’t just sit at the top of our rankings for the month of November, he’s also top of our six month rankings as well which shows how good he has been recently. The South American football season ends in a few weeks time and Jorge might be going on pause at that time but that is no reason to stop following his selections, he’s already in profit for the month of december, making enough from just 9 selections so far to justify the cost of his service for the month. The numbers from last month are pretty good, 693 points of profit made, 73.68% win rate and a yield of 52.15%. It’s the amount of profit made and his consistency over the last month that have made him my choice for no.1 football tipster for November.

Horse Racing

  Horse Racing TipsterMaking a decision in this area has been tough, I could realistically have chosen any one from five outstanding candidates but, in the end, the sheer weight of profit made by FormBet in November made them the inevitable choice. FormBets insistence on looking for value in every selection does mean that there can be long losing runs but when things do go right, they really go right. FormBet made 88 selections last month and even though they only got 11 of those right, the odds their selections ran at made them well worth following. Only one other tipster could get near their 79.33% yield total and that was over considerably less selections. As I said, this award could easily have been given to Blue Sky racing, Signature Racing Tips or Aiden Monroe but there is no arguing with 2268.73 points of profit.


For a third month in a row, Andrei sits at the top of our basketball rankings, retaining his title as BetAdvisors King of the Hoops. Sitting sixth overall for last months profit rankings, behind the horse racing boys and Jorge Aragundy, Andrei had a relatively quiet month in terms of yield, hitting only 7.9% from his 60 tips, he did manage to pick up 396.4 points though so easily justified the cost of his months subscription, in fact, the profit from that would pay for three months more! Andrei continues his steady rise is profits and regular returns for his clients.


American Football

NFL TipsterThis was between two tipsters, on one hand, you had last months top NFL tipster Tommy Conlon who had the highest yield and on the other, you have Paul Morris with a significantly higher profit. At the end of the day, profit is why we’re here isn’t it? Paul had slightly less than a 50% hit rate on his 47 tips last month but with that, he managed to pick up 248.8 points of profit, easily the most profitable NFL tipster in November. With the NFL season in full swing now, more and more people are seeing this sport as a new way of making money, especially when you follow a tipster like Paul.


  A new face to BetAdvisor, Ben comes to us from PriceForm where he was posting under the name Peanut specializing in Rugby Union. Ben is bringing that knowledge over to BetAdvisor and in his first month he’s done well enough to be highlighted as our top ruby tipster for November. Quite an achievement when you consider his competition for the spot! Ben came in quite late in the month but he did manage to get the minimum of ten picks sent out and from that he picked up 30.2 points of profit with a 50% hit-rate. Considering he only had about a week to do that, I’d say that’s quite impressive. So, that wraps things up for another month, let us know if you disagree with any of our choices by commenting below.]]>