Select the tipster that is right for you.

Do they make enough profit? The majority of our tipsters make profit every month, of course there is the occasional bad month and some make more profit than others.  Check out each individual tipsters profile and record before making your decision as you will be able to switch only at the end of each month of subscription.

How many bets do they send out every month?

If betting isn’t your professional past-time, you need to be aware of how much time you need to spend monitoring the selections you are sent, if you select a tipster that sends 30 picks a week, you’re going to spend a lot of time placing bets and managing your money.  Sometime less really is more!

What days are their tips sent out?

If you work a Monday to Friday job, unless you’ve got a really understanding employer (and not everyone does), you’re going to find it difficult getting all the bets on that you need to before the market shifts.  If this is the case, choosing a tipster that sends out most of their selections at the weekend may be the answer.

What sports do they cover?

Following a football tipster at the end of May might not be the best move unless he covers the Scandinavian leagues, MLS or there is a major football tournament that summer.  Check the season start and end dates for the sports that your selected tipster covers.  If you do get it wrong, we’ve got that covered, when the tipster has no events to provide selections on, their account will be paused and your subscription put on hold until they return. So, just as you would before investing in a stock, due your due diligence and make sure that the tipster you choose is the one you want to be subscribed to for the next month.  An informed decision will keep you happier in the long run.   We’re asked all the time, “who has been your best tipster recently?”, well, last month it was: Jorge Aragundy Jorge had a fantastic month with 74% yield and over 900 points of profit recorded.  Out of 17 selections, Jorge got 14 right, that’s an 82% hit rate! Jorge specializes in south American football, in particular, the Ecuadorian league where he has a great hit rate and yield.        

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Top 10 Tipsters