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MURRAY, ANDREW Best Odds: 3.68 at Pinnaclesports Stake: 2 % bankroll (40 units) No Bet Under: 3.30

Game Preview:
Head-to-head record 6:3 Andy Murray will face Novak Djokovic in Cincinnati Finals and we think that the time for Nole´s second loss this year has come. Djokovic has been playing unbelievably well this season and especially all his matches against Nadal were simply breath-taking. He deserves to be the World Number 1 and he has played a level above all his competitors.  On the other hand, he must lose again sooner or later and we all know his latest wins were not that one sided. Here in Cincinnati, he played a really tight match against both Monfils and Berdych and if Berdych´s shoulder was okay, he could easily won the match yesterday as he had been 5-3 up before he got injured. He will now face Andy Murray who wasn’t far from beating Djokovic earlier this year in Rome. After a great battle, Murray lost in third set tiebreaker. Murray is best described as a defensive counter-puncher.  His greatest strengths include solid groundstrokes with low error rate, the uncanny ability to anticipate and react, and his transition from defense to offense with extraordinary speed which enables him to hit winners from defensive positions. Murray’s tactics usually involve passive exchanges from the baseline, usually waiting for an unforced error. He is capable of injecting sudden pace to his groundstrokes to surprise his opponents who are used to the slow rally. One of his greatest strengths, however, is his first serve. Forget the problems he had during the season. He is a strange and inconsistent player but we all know what is he capable of when he plays his best and we think he is currently close to his best again. We think Murray has a good chance to win this one and anything above 3.3 is good enough for us.