How does a 3 month subscription benefit you in the long run?

Long term betting requires long term planning and careful bank management and although a month is a good start, when you’re with a strong tipster, it is in your best interests to sign up for a longer period due to the financial savings that can be made by making such a commitment.  It also reduces your workload by removing the need to renew your subscription every month. You can make substantial savings by taking on a three month, six month or a year-long subscription, if you decide later that you wish to switch for any reason, you can switch at the end of each month to the tipster of your choice. Our top 3 tipsters in the month of October were:   [caption id="attachment_1599" align="alignleft" width="150"]Horse Racing Tipster Aiden Monroe[/caption] Aiden Monroe had a fantastic month in October, he picked up some really big winners and has gone on to have fantastic success overall. Looking at the numbers you can what a good month it was: 3042 points of profit 68.3% yield 63 selections, 20 winners – at the odds that Aiden selects his horses at, that is a great win rate. Check out his profile page by clicking on the picture and see for yourself how well he’s done.   [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]BetAdvisor Horse Racing Tipster FormBet[/caption] FormBet is another horse racing tipster who has had a fantastic month of October. FormBet works from a statistical viewpoint and in October, that all came together for him.  In the month of October, FormBet picked up well over 2000 points of profit and had the highest recorded yield of all of the tipsters for the month at 138.16%, that’s an incredible statistic and it’s testament to how well he has done. FormBet has been in the industry a long time and seems to have lost none of his spark, October was a great month and we expect the good run to continue.   [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]BetAdvisor Basketball Tipster Andrei Nitu[/caption] Andrei Nitu had yet another solid month in October, Basketball often doesn’t have the high odds that horse racing does and consistency of selection is incredibly important, Andrei excelled with 925 points of profit made last month. That’s no surprise when you see how consistent Andrei was in October, a 75% hit rate is a fantastic achievement and a rate few can match anywhere.  With 21 winners out of 28 bets, we’d stack that record up against anyone.     You can see all of our tipsters results by clicking on their individual profiles from this page.]]>