RB SALZBURG vs SV MATTERSBURG Free Tip from Oddsmaker

+304 units in the last 6 months       Bet on: under +3.00 Best Odds: 1.90 at IBCBET/12BET Stake: 5 % bankroll (100 units) Analysis: This is one of this classical cases when people like bet on overs. Odds were going up for the under in last days (people bet on the over). Market is wrong, the value is on the under here. I will only mention that Salzburg is the best defensive team in league last years and we can expect that as huge favorite 1,25-5,11-10,51 will control this game. Each bet can be won or lost but if you want to make the profit you have to take picks which have the value in the distance and bet on a correct side. Good Luck, Oddsmaker  ]]>