Tipster Monthly Report – December


Football tipsterThis was a tough one to call, I could have gone with the yield rating in which case it would have been Jorge Aragundy sitting at the top for another month or I could go by profit which would let Mikael Delius in for the win. In the end I went with cold hard cash so Mikael is sitting pretty with the crown for top football tipster in December. Mikael concentrates mostly on the Italian football scene which is an area of interest for me as the recent resurgence in Italian football has brought some great games this season. January has started well for Mikael and if he carries on as he is, he has a chance of holding onto the crown for another month as well.

Horse Racing

  Horse Racing TipsterWhereas it was difficult choosing a winner in this category last month, this time around was a much simpler affair. Aiden Monroe crushed it last month with a massive 2316 points of profit, so if a point equals a single Euro, Aiden made enough profit to cover over two years of subscription in a single month. Whilst Aiden didn’t have the highest yield of ALL the tipsters in December, his sheer number of picks and hit-rate at high odds means he has had a fantastic month by anyones reckoning. Aiden has some new competition for January as Mike Cloud has now joined the site and his trial results were very strong so it will be interesting to see who sits at the top of this particular pile at the end of the month.


No surprise here, Andrei has held onto the top spot for a fourth consecutive month. I’m a huge fan of Andrei, he pretty much guarantees a profit every month, only once in the last 8 months has he failed to come out in profit. Andrei may be another who finds it difficult to hold onto his place on this board though, Dmitry Lebedev has started strongly and looks to be a worthy addition to the basketball section of the site. Andrei is guaranteed to be named 2011 “King of the Hoops” when our review of 2011 comes out later this week.  Can anyone stop him from retaining that in 2012?


American Football

NFL TipsterThe NFL season may be at the Play-Off stage now but that is no reason not to expect profit, Paul Morris certainly delivered that at the back end of 2011. His total of 748 points means he was clearly the most profitable of all the NFL tipsters, everyone else finished in profit but Paul was ahead by a distance. Predicting the games leading up to the SuperBowl is just going to get harder but we are going to keep a close eye on this section of the site and we’re looking for continuing profits in early 2012.


  After temporarily losing his crown to Ben Cross last month, Laurent has reclaimed top spot in the rugby standings. Laurent is another who has almost certainly claimed the win as BetAdvisors top rugby tipster for 2011 and he cemented that in style by winning his clients 325 points in December, with an 18 yield and a 63 hit-rate, those are numbers to be proud of. Traditionally Laurent is very strong in December and January so Ben Cross is going to have his work cut out if he wants to be the top choice in this section at the end of the month.   So, that wraps up the monthly reports for 2011,  we’ll have a bumper annual report for you soon. In the meantime, why don’t you let us know who you think has been BetAdvisors top tipster in 2011?]]>