BetAdvisor Update 24/03/2014

Colm Makin was our next biggest winner with 300 units of profit from his 3 bets.  In the new BA ranking terms he actually finished ahead of Oscar over the last 3 days and had a whopping 333.33% yield. In contrast John Sills “only” picked up 100% yield from his 4 tips and he added another 200 units of profit to his total for the month, keeping him as this months top tipster so far. Andreas Kloft continued to show that the rugby section of the site should not be ignored with 200.2 units of profit, taking him up to 370.6 units of profit for the month so far. Gabriel Vannier picked up 204 units over the weekend but it wasn’t quite enough to get him into profit for the month.  A good last week of selections should see him cross that line though. Jason Mills had a fairly good weekend as well, not only winning 2/3 of his selections for the SBR videos but also making 100.8 units of profit from an eventful weekend in the Premiership. We aren’t even going to try and claim that it was all easy sailing though.  Raul Pinto, Benas Kleiza (yes we’re including the results from tipsters on probation as well), Simeone Tassini, Milos Nusic and Dmitry Lebedev all suffered small losses, losing less than 100 units each. Others also struggled but The Football Analyst had the roughest weekend with a loss of 316 units. In all it wasn’t a terrible weekend and if you have been following John Sills or Andreas Kloft you should be pretty happy with the work they’ve provided so far. We’ll be back tomorrow with another update.]]>